Dwemer Race E.A.R

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This is an update of my older mod, as i said i didn’t found a mod of my taste outhere, just overpowered shit and very different in aspect, also very heavy too.These are the fatures:





_Heavy armor:+5

_Two handed:+5


_Dwemer Legacy: 20% best forge

_Lorkhan’s breath: SELF CRAFTED steam that do 100 points of damage

Also comes with Vampire compatibility (Special Thanks to expired method) and Dewmer beards of Anuiel.

Another fearture is the automaton crafting in wich you will have to collect raw materials to do blueprints to craft it.

You will need:

_For dwarven spider 30 of smiting and dwarven smithing  perk

_For dwarven sphere 40 of smithing and dwarven smithing perk

_For centurion and ballista 50 and dwarven smithing perk.

Note that dwemers are the capable of craft this animaculy.

To install use NMM or drop it in data folder of skyrim

See ya and endorse!!

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97440

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