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A customizable follower mod for Dwarven Modular Automaton in the vein of Fallout 4: Automatron.  The Khajiit merchant Ri’saad now sells a Dwemer Control Rod that will start the quest to acquire your own Dwemer automaton!


    [*]Constructing and upgrading your follower is done at a new Dwemer workshop, located in the mountain pass above Windhelm.  There is a short dungeon to complete before you can activate the follower.

    [*]Instead of using dialogue like normal Skyrim followers, the follower construct is controlled using the Dwemer Control Rod, which creates a popup box that lets you select your command.  This includes all the standard follower commands, although you may only trade if the follower is close to you.

    [*]Additional automatons will awaken throughout Skyrim once you complete the follower.  When you have the follower with you, they will randomly attack you in the wilderness.  Otherwise, you may find them aimlessly attacking local wildlife.

    [*]Schematics for additional components for your follower are found on the enemy automatons that spawn above ground.  Simply loot their dead bodies and you will acquire any unowned schematics automatically.  (The script that does this is a little pokey, nothing I can really do to fix it.)


Known Issues

    [*]The follower construct doesn’t have an activation prompt during the quest to complete its construction.  Whenever the quest marker is pointing at it, you need to activate it.

    [*]The follower starts out with empty body and feet slots.  Any armor you give it for these slots may become equipped, resulting in those parts of its body disappearing.  This issue will no longer occur once you upgrade its core and lower components.

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