DX Celes Mercy Outfit UNP LE

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[font=Times New Roman]Temple of Mara.

It’s at the basement in its own place of worship. 🙂

[/font]The outfit has similar stats to light elven armor but it’s a bit stronger and lighter.

The bow adds holy damage over time to enemies and more so to the undead.

It’s a bit faster and stronger compared to a normal elven bow.

The arrows can be crafted at any forge under elven category

and they glow and illuminate the area of impact.

The bow and arrows can be used by both female and male

characters in case you just want to use the bow.

Minidresses Collection mod by Tiwa44[/url] who did an

awesome job converting some of the long dresses to mini versions.

UNP Minidresses Collection by Tiwa44

Cape mesh Ashara Princes of the Woods for UNP and male by SydneyB

Straps, Tights and Bracers meshes UNP Undies by Petrovich

Boots mesh UNP High Heels by Petrovich

Halo mesh Angelic Halos and Demonic Horns by volvaga0

Special thanks to

Ousnius for all the time he has spent offering help and tips on using Outfit Studio.

TKHBMVP for the German translation! Nexus Resources, Steam Resources

To all who donate, endorse, comment or just play using this and the previous mods!

Bethesda that made all this possible.


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