DX Celes Rogue Armor UNP LE

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You can find the crafting manual in Riften inside the Ragged Flagon.

This outfit needs a bit of preparation, first you need to make black dye

using a cooking station and then make black leather using a tanning rack.

The ingredients you will be needing is Canis Root, Snowberries and Void Salts.

The black dye can also be used as a poison on your weapon.

All the recipes will only be available as long as you carry the crafting manual in your inventory.

When you are done crafting store the manual and your crafting interface will be free again.

[font=Times New Roman]It has better stats than a normal leather armor and the individual parts offer nice bonuses.

[font=Times New Roman]• The belt offers 25% better chance at picking pockets and 25% more one handed damage.[/font]

• The bag offers 100 more carry weight and 25% easier lockpicking.

• The skirt offers 25% better sneaking.

[font=Times New Roman]• The dagger is equal to an ebony dagger.


Minidresses Collection mod by Tiwa44[/url] who did an

awesome job converting some of the long dresses to mini versions.

UNP Minidresses Collection by Tiwa44

Special thanks to

Ousnius for all the time he has spent offering help and tips on using Outfit Studio.

dianka33 for the beautiful screenshots!

TKHBMVP for the German translation! Nexus Resources, Steam Resources

To all who donate, endorse, comment or just play using this and the previous mods!

Bethesda that made all this possible.


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