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[font=Lucida Sans Unicode] Hello guys!

(sorry for my literral erros, eng is not my native lang)

So what does this mod do? But first I’ll ask you few things. Do you know what Elder Scrolls Online, Morrowind and even Fallout 4 have in common? Well except for open world, lots of quests, and beautiful atmosphere.

Partial clothing! Or layered clothing or whatever you calling it. It feels so good when you can choose by yourself which parts you’ll equip on your character. Would you like to run topless? Fine! You could wear only pants or skirt! Or maybe you wanna be tought armored killing machine? Fine! You could do it too. Equip as much armor on yourself as you can. Shoulders armor, tights armor, groin armor, knees armor, and even breasplate! Yes this mod will allow you to do such thing. Viva la Diversity!

To be clear, this mod doesn’t replace anything. It just adds separated parts. And that’s how it looks:

100+ different parts.

Some parts, like belts and capes (scarfs) have two versions: Big and Regular.

Regular parts was made to fit naked bodies and thin clothes. And big parts was made to fit huge armored outfits.

All parts are available for craft on tanning rack and forge. And one more thing:

You can equip all of these parts (except for pants because it uses 32body slot) over any regular vanilla/custom outfits. 

This mod fully compatible with Winter Is Coming – Cloaks[/url] and Cloaks of Skyrim

My future plans is to convert it to work with UNP and Skyrim SE. And i would like to add more clothing and armor parts.

Work still in progress and might contain bugs, mostly clipping.

Also it’s not possible to make it fit perfectly every outfit due to different outfit shapes.

Also if you want to support my work: Patreon l Paypal


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98798

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