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[/font][font=Arial]Being a user of the Skyrim Flora Overhaul for a long time and an avid user of DynDOLOD, I first handcrafted matching Billboards to perfectly match the trees of my Skyrim mod setup. When I first read about the possibility to use so called Hybrid Trees I got intrigued why it shouldn’t be possible to build those meshes for SFO, since there weren’t any available.

So here you will find different Hybrid Tree (Ultra Trees) packages for different tree mods.[/font]


[/font][font=Arial]You should have a working installation of DynDOLOD and your Skyrim setup should already work without any Ultra Trees installed.

Install the Hybrid Tree package that corresponds to the tree mod that you’re using. E.g. if you use Winedave’s Trees Addon, you should use Trees Addon Hybrid Trees package.

Make sure that you also download the Billboards package if you want matching billboards for the tree mod.

If you use a ModManager, your setup should be as follows:


    [*][font=Arial]Tree mod of your choice.[/color][/font]

    [*][font=Arial]Billboards for the tree mod.[/color][/font]

    [*][font=Arial]Hybrid Trees package for the tree mod.[/color][/font]

[font=Arial]Take care that every tree mod that you use follows the installation pattern above. So if you have a tree mod A followed by B, your Billboards and Hybrid Trees for A should not override the Billboards and Hybrid Trees for B and so on.

The next step is to run DynDOLOD and you should have made yourself familiar with the configuration of DynDOLOD so that the Hybrid trees are actually used. I will add a detailed description later on.

Run DynDOLOD and put the finished output as a separate mod in your load order. Activate the DyndDOLOD.esp in case it is not activated and test if the Trees appear ingame.

Have fun !

Future Plans:

For the time being I have only uploaded the Hybrid Trees for Winedave’s Trees Addon, since I will have to update the meshes for SFO 2.5b and 2.8. I will also update the SFO Billboards to use better normal maps.



Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98499

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