East Empire Company Warehouse Loot

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As Brynjolf says, Gulum-Ei has first choice of “some of the finest goods to grace Skyrims shores”.  They must be making a hefty profit off all that cheese and iron.  I mean there could be anything in those countless crates too countless to count, but that’s no fun.   

This is just a little mod I made for myself because I couldn’t find anything like it anywhere.  Simply adds some realistic valuable trade goods to the EEC warehouse in Solitude based on what the company actually trades in.  Also changes the price of a few items.

Inside you’ll find:

12 bottles of Surillie Brothers Wine.

3 bottles of Argonian Bloodwine.

3 Firebrand Wine cases (now worth 500 gold).

8 Fire salts

6 Frost salts

4 Void salts

2 Paralytic Poisons

6 Bottles of Flin (now worth 100 gold)

4 Chunks of Stahlrim

6 Ebony Ingots

3 Malachite ingots

The items are scattered throughout the warehouse, with the more valuable items being deeper into the warehouse, which will require more stealth to reach.  

Requires all the DLCs.  

Never made a mod before so hopefully it goes alright.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99136

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