Ebony Valkyrie Mail Replacer For Female

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Just another replacer mod from me, this time i would like share the ebony mail replacer for female,now  the looks ebony mail will changes into ebony valkyrie armor created by comrade1280, thanks him to let me use his asset to make this another replacer mod, this mod will changes the ebony gloves and boots as well, so it will suit you when you wear ebony mail + ebony set, i also add new texture to make it more good looking

This mod add no esp/bsa/esm file, it wont add anything new to your game, just replace the looks of ebony mail and ebony set for female, so its friendly mod


i add 2 version of this mod, UNP and CBBE HDT so dont worry

Heres the link to Original mod

Ebony Valkrie:


Special thanks to comrade1280

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95839

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