Edhildils Wayward Warrior Skeep Follower

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Edhildils Wayward Warrior Skeep Follower

Author: Edhildil



This mod adds a very peculiar follower with a basic quest. The quest isn’t scripted, you’ll have

to follow a series of notes found along the way in specific “Skeep Chests”. To start the quest,

find the Skeep on Cowflop Farm in Rorikstead. Make him your follower and check his inventory for the first note.

The Skeep is based off a creature from the Midas Magic Mod  from Oblivion. I believe it is a strange mix

of a Scamp and a Sheep. By the end of the quest the Skeep will have his own armor and weapon.

The Armor is made specifically for the Skeep so don’t try to wear it, it will behave very oddly.

You may use his weapon and sheild, but then the skeep will be bummed out.

The Skeep is marked as essential, so he won’t die. if he gets disarmed and his weapon gets

lost you may have to reload a previos save. I’ve had this happen to my own character.

The Skeep speaks his own language but will understand you and act like any other follower.

You cannot marry the Skeep, don’t even ask.

please see screenshots.






Probably best to use a mod manager, unless you know manual mod installation.



Probably best to use a mod manager, unless you know manual mod installation.

Or delete: data/meshes/actors/skeep folder and the included .esp file.





Tools used:





Creation Kit

Thanks to all above and to Skyrim Nexus.

If you want to use my meshes in your mod please give the proper credits listed in your mod readme/description. It would also be nice if you sent me a link so I can check out your mod.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95728

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