Eisa the Wanderer – Vanilla Follower

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At birth, Mara selected Eisa for a peculiar life set apart from her kind. Eisa was kidnapped from her parents and raised by a Bosmer monk in wilderness isolation. When the time had come – Mara being very pleased with Eisa – Mara gave her a vivid dream, calling her to take to the road on a strange adventure.

Name : Eisa the Wanderer

Race : Nord

Marriable : Yes

Location : Helgen Cliffs Bandit Camp (Images of location in the ‘IMAGES’ section)

Skill : One Handed, Light Armor

Default Outfit : Fur Armor

Weapon : Steel War Axe


Manual Install:

• Click ‘MANUAL’ button

• Extract ZIP file to anywhere on your computer

• Place ESP & BSA files into Skyrim/Data

NMM Install:

• Click ‘NMM’ button

• Enable mod via NMM

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95486

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