Eldergleam Sanctuary House

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Adds a beautiful player home inside the Eldergleam Sanctuary, you can teleport back to at any time using a spell.



•Plenty of Storage

•Plenty of Weapon Racks

•Fish Hatchery


•Alchemy Lab


•Armor Workbench

•Grindstone for Weapons



•Teleport Spell

This house has pretty much everything you need for a decent player home. Asta and Sond will sandbox outside.

Outside has an overgrown feel to give the illusion the house has been there all along. Lots of harvestable plants.

There is a key inside a barrel location on the side of the house. Explore and you shall find it.

The Spell tome inside the bedroom will teach you a teleport spell to get back to the house. Explore and you shall find it.

If you experience any problems let me know.

Thank you to Darkfox127 for his teleport script. As such, this mod cannot be ported to console.

There is an OLD version of this mod already on Bethesda net, it does not contain the script.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98340

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