Elemental Weakness Spells

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Hi everyone how’s it going?, well for those of you familiar with my Cure Disease Spells (Cleanse Spells) mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96964/[/url]) will know that my reasoning behind that mod was both to give more diversity to spell effects (and thus to magic play styles) and to add spells that from both an RP and Lore perspective SHOULD have been part of the base game, this mod comes from a similar vein to that one, as you know in-game there these items called “poison of aversion to fire/frost/magic/shock” all of which when applied reduce the resistances of the target and in the case of the elemental resistances allow you damage enemies that normally are immune to that type of damage (for example if you use a poison of aversion to fire on a flame atronach it WILL receive fire damage but the magnitude of this is dependent on the percentage that the poison reduced), similar to my cure diseases mod i always found weird that these types of effects were always restricted to alchemy only, specially when you consider that all alchemy effects are associated with a school of magic (and these in particular are destruction effects) yet some of them do not have a spell equivalent despite the fact that it would make more than enough sense to have one (for example a mage who focus on a single element would certainly benefit from having a spell that reduces the resistance to his element of choice).

Because of these reasons i decide to mess around with creation kit again and i ended up creating these 3 new spells: Weakness to Fire, Weakness to Frost and Weakness to Shock, all of these reduce the resistance to their respective element AND the magic resistance of the targets hit by 50% for 60 seconds, these are adept level spells and are associated with the destruction skill (as such they raise the destruction skill and are affected by its perks), also these are AOE spells meaning that multiple enemies will be affected at the same time (in many ways they are very similar to the illusion spell “Frenzy”), lastly i decide to make them cheap to cast so they all cost 106 magicka (this before applying the adept destruction perk so their final cost is more like 53 magicka) my reasoning for this was that since these are meant to act as a support for destruction magic they should be casted fairly regularly and thus should leave enough magicka to cast damage spells but if you guys find it too OP please let my know and i will try to tweak it to make it more balanced, so any suggestions are well recieved 😉

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99217

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