Elephants of Skyrim

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Adds Elephants in Skyrim. No DLC needed.


Warning: This mod replaces all Skyrim’s mammoths with elephants. However, you may encounter some problems or bugs (impossible to check everything). Please report them here ! (ingredients of mammoths are not replaced)


This mod adds the ability to quickly create hordes of Elephants (5, 15, 50, 100 …MORE ?…ATTENTION with the freezes in your computer !)

To obtain these Elephants, simply buy scrolls found with Carlotta in Whiterun. Now open up your inventory, navigate to “Scrolls” and there they are. You throw them and when they hit the ground they hatch into Elephants.

In order to find the scrolls at Merchant, you must choose the mod for which you want to buy and place it at the bottom of the list when you launch the game.


RoboBirdie for the Elephants in New Creatures

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96564

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