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Eloise, along with her sister Mavis Stormquiver, is a member of an adventurers’ guild located in Cyrodiil. She and her fellow adventurers are sent to different provinces of Tamriel to gather information and raise and spread the guilds fame and reputation across the continent. They want to achieve this by helping out the local people and committing heroic deeds. Eloise left for Skyrim first, and Mavis followed later, and has been looking for Eloise in Skyrim ever since.

In Skyrim, Eloise got ambushed by vampires and was able to hold them off by herself until the Dawnguard rescued her. They saw the talent in her and promptly attempted to recruit her. While she is aligned with them, she is not a member of their faction. But her time with them has allowed her to train and become a powerful ally in the effort to eliminate vampires and other undead across Skyrim. Along the way, has obtained some unique weapons and abilities. She is a powerful hunter, and earned the name “Dawnbringer” for her exploits. The rest of her story… that’s up to you!

Note: The main mod requires the Dawnguard DLC, but we also have a non-Dawnguard version for those that don’t have the Dawnguard DLC installed. In that case, Eloise was rescued by theVigilants of Stendarr…


Race: Nord

Height: 0.93

Weight: 0

Age: 22

Voice: Young Eager

Can be married: Yes

Class: Custom – Spell Ranger Dual Wield

Combat Style: Custom – Tuned to allow her to use a mix of her offensive weapons (If SKSE installed, alternate styles are available!)

Leveling: Levels with Player, with a minimum level of 5 – no maximum

Location: For the main mod, Eloise will be at Ford Dawnguard (requires Dawnguard DLC)

Here is her schedule at Fort Dawnguard – she will be at these locations or walking in between them:

    [*]06:00 AM – 07:00 AM Breakfast in the dining hall

    [*]07:00 AM – 10:00 AM Wanders inside Fort Dawnguard – can go upstairs

    [*]10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Walks out to the camp area outside

    [*]11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Lunch at the camp area outside

    [*]12:00 PM – 02:00 PM Crossbow practice outside, near the camp

    [*]02:00 PM – 04:00 PM Hangs out outside at the camp (while someone else practices her crossbow)

    [*]04:00 PM – 05:00 PM More crossbow practice outside, near the camp

    [*]05:00 PM – 06:00 PM Heads back inside Fort Dawnguard to the dining hall

    [*]06:00 PM – 07:00 PM Dinner in the dining hall

    [*]07:00 PM – 10:00 PM Works in forge area inside Fort Dawnguard

    [*]10:00 PM – 06:00 AM Sleeps

Alternate Location: For the non-Dawnguard Version of the mod, she will be at Stendarr’s Beacon

Equipment and Inventory:

Eloise has an outfit that is a mashup of zzjay’s Huntress, Pirate, and Witcher 3 Armors (please note that the limitations of this outfit may require an all or none approach, see the FAQ for more details)

In the full version of the mod, Eloise has these weapons:

    [*]Dawnbringer Auriel Sun Sword – enchanted with Sun Damage

    [*]Dawnbringer Sun Glass Dagger of Scorching – enchanted with Fire Damage

    [*]Dawnbringer Auriel Crossbow – enchanted with Sun Damage

    [*]Dawnbringer Blazing Bolts (500 Bolts)

In the non-Dawnguard version of the mod, Eloise has these weapons: (also available in the full mod in her Special Inventory)

    [*]Dawnbringer Red Glass Sword of Scorching

    [*]Dawnbringer Ebony Red Glass Bow of Scorching

    [*]Dawnbringer Arrows (500 Arrows)

Important Books:

    [*]Eloise Dawnbringer Journal – A guide to the features of Eloise Dawnbringer

    Please Note: This journal is important! You need to read it and keep it in your inventory to make her special custom dialogue available. If you only want the custom dialogue available when you need it, give the journal back to Eloise until you need it again, so you will know where it is![*]Spell Tome: Transmute Malachite Ore to Red Malachite Ore

    [*]Spell Tome: Transmute Malachite Ore to Sun Malachite Ore

    [*]Spell Tome: Dawnbringer Auriel Lightning

    [*]Spell Tome: Dawbbringer Auriel Thunderbolt

Potions: 10 each of potions of Minor Healing, Healing, and Plentiful Healing – For emergency use only!

Lockpicks: 10 – Eloise can unlock some chests and other locks for you. She may not need any picks, so you can borrow some!

Food: Apples and cooked beef… In case she gets hungry while waiting for you!

Gold: 50 Septims

Custom Dialogue Topics – English Voiced:

Eloise has a few custom features that you can take advantage of if you have read the “Eloise Dawnbringer Journal” and have it in your inventory:

    [*]Transmuting Malachite ore into a different type of Malachite ore. You give her as much Malachite ore (normal, red, or Sun) as you want transmuted, and she will transmute all of it to whatever type you like, and then place it back into your inventory!

    [*]Access to her Special Inventory, which for full mod users contains the non-Dawnguard version’s glass weapons. It also contains 500 Dawnbringer Sunhallowed Bolts – these bolts explode on impact, with visual and audio effects, and extra damage.

    For non-Dawnguard users, the Special Inventory contains extra Arrows and the Dawnbringer Sun Glass Sword of Scorching.[*]If SKSE is installed, Eloise will allow you to request her to switch between 7 alternate Combat Styles. 3 custom styles, and 4 basic Skyrim styles. If you use this option, do not use any alternate combat styles from your follower management mod like AFT, EFF, or UFO.

While the custom voiced dialogue will remain English voiced, we are working on a German translation of the topics and subtitles for Frank213 and our other German friends! Available soon!!

Outfit and weapon improvements – crafting arrows and bolts:

Basic improvements and crafting bolts and arrows:

    [*]Her outfit, boots, and gloves can be improved using leather at a workbench. (see FAQ for details on changing outfits)

    [*]You can craft more Dawnbringer Blazing Bolts at a forge by combining 1 Firewood and 1 Steel ingot. Creates 10 bolts.

    [*]You can craft more Dawnbringer Sunhallowed Bolts at a forge by combining 1 Firewood and 1 Refined Moonstone. Creates 10 bolts.

    [*]You can craft more Dawnbringer Arrows at a forge if you have either the Glass or Ebony Smithing perks (you don’t need both) by combining 2 Firewood, 1 Ebony Ingot, and 1 Refined Red Malachite (see FAQ for details on Refined Red Malachite) – Since two materials are required, you get 48 arrows instead of the normal 24!

If the player has the Arcane Smithing Perk, her enchanted weapons can be improved…

    [*]Her Dawnbringer Auriel Sun Sword can be improved with Refined Moonstone at a grindstone.

    [*]Her Dawnbringer Auriel Crossbow can be improved with Refined Moonstone at a grindstone.

    [*]Her Dawnbringer Ebony Red Glass Bow of Scorching can be improved using an Ebony ingot at a grindstone.

    [*]Her Dawnbringer Sun Glass Dagger of Scorching can be improved using Refined Sun Malachite at a grindstone. (see FAQ for details on Sun Malachite)

    [*]Her Dawnbringer Red Glass Sword of Scorching can be improved using Refined Red Malachite at a grindstone. (see FAQ for details on Red Malachite)

    [*]Her Dawnbringer Sun Glass Sword of Scorching can be improved using Refined Sun Malachite at a grindstone. (see FAQ for details on Sun Malachite)


Healing spells – Eloise has basic healing spells, and a custom shout that allows her to heal herself occasionally (she is NOT a healer)

Dawnbringer Stendarr’s Aura Shout (Once per day, Level 50 and above) – damages vampires and undead that contact the aura!

Dawnbringer Auriel Lightning Bolts – at around Level 20, Eloise will begin to use her Auriel Lightning Bolt magic.

Dawnbringer Auriel Thunderbolts – at higher levels

(These two spells do normal shock damage, but also light vampires and other undead on fire for extra damage!)

Requirements and recommendations:

Eloise is standalone. She should not require anything beyond Skyrim with all updates applied. However, to make her more enjoyable, here are some things we recommend:

Use a follower mod such as AFT, EFF, or UFO. We tested with all 3, in addition to the vanilla follower system.

Face Light along with Better lighting for Face Light and Facelight Plus

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul – RDO to improve and add a lot of follower dialog.

Follower Commentary Overhaul – FCO for even more dialog.

Credits and Special Thanks:

This follower mod was a joint effort between Laoshan99 and chickmetalhead, but a lot of things went into it.

The primary two weapons Eloise uses, her Auriel Sun Sword and Auriel Crossbow started with meshes from:

Ghosu – Auriels Crossbow and Swords

Since the blade of the Ghosu sword was not something we could use, the blade of the sword was replaced with a blade from:

Arming Swords Skyrim HD 1_15

with the base texture of the blade modified by chickmetalhead to match the Ghosu grip, and to capture the spirit of the sword!

For her Auriel Crossbow, quiver and the grip of her Auriel Sun Sword, the textures from the following mods by Alana12 were used….

Auriels Bow – HD Retexture

Ghosus Auriels Quiver Retexture

Auriels Shield – HD Retexture

Sunhallowed and Bloodcursed Arrows – HD Retexture

The Crossbow bolts use the textures from Alana12’s retextured Arrows mod, which were shaped and edited by chickmetalhead to work for the bolts instead!

The custom glass weapons Eloise has were created by chickmetalhead, doing retextures and tweaks to the meshes. But to make her glass dagger and swords come alive, it took the special magic that is only found in LeanWolf’s meshes, found in:

LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped Weapons

LeanWolf was kind enough to grant chickmetalhead permission to use the LeanWolf meshes in his mods. They are used as the base for the daggers Eloise carries and her two alternate glass swords, with additional effect tweaks by chickmetalhead. So special thanks to LeanWolf! We highly recommend that you use the weapons mod in your game – and that you go and endorse it!

The Huntress and Witcher 3 outfit items that Eloise comes equipped with is from zzjay’s awesome mods:

zzjay’s wardrobe

Witcher 3 Female Armors

Special thanks to zzjay for allowing the outfits to be used by others! The Witcher 3 mod also uses assets from:

CDprojektRED for witcher3 models

See the Witcher 3 Female Armors mod page for more details – and give it an endorsement!

Additional credits: (please endorse these mods if you haven’t yet!)

DIMONIZED UNP female body

Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-

Fair Skin Complexion

KS Hairdos – Kerli hair

Mikan Eyes

Hvergelmir Brows

Finally, I would like to thank PhantomNX! No mod assets by PhantomNX were used, but his forum posts helped on the Auriel Lightning spells!

(If I have forgotten anything, my sincere apologies – and please let me know by PM and I will update immediately!)

Tools used:





Creation Kit[/url] – Haha, as little as possible! But more than for Mavis!

Image notes:

Unless otherwise noted, images on the main page use Rudy ENB

Face Light along with Better lighting for Face Light and Facelight Plus were used in most or all images.

Pose mods may have been used in a few images, using the amazing GomaPero Pose mod!

Special thanks to our mod testers!: Izzy, Pandorable, and Onota

Personal thanks from chickmetalhead:

    [*]Laoshan99 – for creating another amazing character, and for allowing me to create this mod based on her, and for patience during the process! For being a great mod partner, who shared in the process of customizing the special features – and making the hard choices easier when they had to be made. For pushing me to make things better, and understanding and listening when I might have gotten frustrated. Thanks, friend!!

    [*]Pandorable – For friendship, testing, support, inspiration, advice, and all of your amazing followers and NPC replacers! Also, for understanding my warped sense of humor, listening to me brag about my nerdy TES5Edit exploits, gripe about the %(*#$#@ CK (Creation Kit), and on a related note, laughing with me along the way about the Facebook Messenger “angry” emoji, which I originally thought was something a bit… different! Check out her mods – all are awesome!

    [*]Onota – For friendship, testing, and all of your awesome characters and mods (Dwemer Fairies are awesome!), including the big mod I am still waiting for. And for… well, you know! I have many amazing things in my game – but the most special and amazing thing was from you. Thanks so much, my friend!!

    [*]Izzy – For friendship, testing, and all of your utterly fantastic Skyrim Art, which sometimes shows up in my private loadscreens! For your support of my image sets and stories. For reading my geeky messages about Skyrim technical stuff that you might not care about. For using a few of my private game tweaks, which always make me smile when I see them in your images! And finally, for turning Mavis into Princess Mavis! And maybe now… Princess Eloise, too!

    [*]Sthaagg, for help making my game run in an awesome way without problems with over 500 mods using his amazing Guide:

    Stability Performance Optimization ENB Configuration – a Comprehensive Guide Without Sthaagg’s advice on tuning, tweaking, video card upgrades, power supplies and more, I would not even be playing Skyrim! Thanks friend!![*]To my many friends on Nexus imageshare that have supported me and my work and images and stories. Too many to mention… But… THANK YOU!!!

    [*]And finally, thanks to Bethesda, Nexus, and to all the great modders that have gone before me! For Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind… You all rock!!

FAQ: (Please read before asking any questions in the comment area! Please!)

Q: When I remove part of the default outfit from Eloise, strange things happen, clipping, body parts disappear… What should I do?

A: As noted above, the her outfit has an “All or None” restriction. So if you want to remove part of the outfit, you need to remove all of it. This is a restriction by the mod creator of the outfit. We love the outfit, so decided to supply it as the default outfit Eloise wears.

Q: Can you offer any other body types or skin textures?

A: No, but you can change them out if you want something different.


Please make any necessary backups before attempting this, and be careful! Use at your own risk!

Please note:

    [*]If you change any meshes, you will probably need to change ALL of the meshes, or you will get seams or other problems!

    [*]If you change any textures, you will probably need to change ALL of the textures, or you will get seams or other problems (the only exception to this would be changing the main body textures from slim/skinny to the normal curvy ones, while staying within the Fair Skin texture set (her default skin))

    [*]If you change to body meshes that use a different base texture set (UNP to CBBE based, CBBE to UNP based, etc) You absolutely MUST also change the textures, because things like boobs are in a different position in the textures! Well, you don’t have to, but then you are even weirder than I am!

    I am assuming you know the basics of the follower mod you are using, but here are a few tips:

    If you are using AFT, you need to do the following:

      [*]Turn outfit management on through the AFT dialog menus:

      Select “Tweaks”, then “Gear”, then “Manage Outfits” (If you don’t see a selection for “Standard Outfit” – if you see “Standard Outfit”, outfit management is already turned on)

      [*]Get into the “Standard Outfit” inventory:

      Select “Tweaks”, then “Gear”, then “Manage Standard Outfit”. A standard inventory menu opens, and you can then transfer outfits in and out. Remember, if you remove any of the three outfit components (outfit, boots, or gloves) remove them all. And if you really ARE doing this to improve her outfit, please give her something else to wear while you do that!

    If you are using UFO, you need to do the following, if you don’t see her outfit items in her inventory:

      [*]Tell her she needs to dress better: Select “You know…”, then “You could dress better.” UFO will process and then exit the dialog.

      [*]You can then use her normal inventory menus to transfer outfit components in and out of her inventory. Remember, if you remove (or add) any of the three outfit components (outfit, boots, or gloves) remove (or add) them all. And if you really ARE doing this to improve her outfit, please give her something else to wear while you do that!

    If you are using EFF:

      [*]You can use her normal EFF equipment menu to transfer outfit components in and out of her inventory. Remember, if you remove (or add) any of the three outfit components (outfit, boots, or gloves) remove (or add) them all. And if you really ARE doing this to improve her outfit, please give her something else to wear while you do that!

    If you are NOT using a follower manager mod, things are more challenging. But if you are not using a follower manager mod, we assume you must like it that way! The vanilla follower system does not support switching outfits, but there are things you can do:

      [*]Give Eloise something better to wear – but make sure it is a complete outfit. Upper and lower body, boots, and gloves. Eloise (and any follower) should wear the highest rated armor that they are given. Because of the special restrictions imposed on her default outfit, it might be a good idea to save before you attempt to switch her outfit.

      [*]If you want to improve the outfit for Eloise, things get more complicated. One option would be to use the console to get a 2nd copy of her default outfit, improve it, and then give it back to her. She should switch to the improved outfit.

      [*]If you want to do this the immersive way, and have a high enough pickpocket skill, you can also try the following – SAVE your game first! I tested this while having the Perfect Touch perk, but I am not sure if that is actually necessary or not…

        [*]Give her something better to wear, so she unequips her default outfit (outfit, boots, and gloves)

        [*]Release her as a follower

        [*]Pickpocket her default outfit (outfit, boots, and gloves) – if she catches you – well… I hope you made that save!

        [*]Make her a follower again, before she wanders off.

        [*]Improve her armor at a worktable

        [*]Give her the improved outfit (outfit, boots, and gloves) back to her. If it is now better than the temporary outfit you gave her, she should equip it. If not, or just to be safe, use the inventory menu to remove her temporary outfit (all pieces), leaving her with just her improved outfit (outfit, boots, and gloves).

      [/list][*]You can also install a separate mod that allows you to take everything from Eloise, including her default outfit. Then, please quickly give her something simple to wear while you improve her default outfit!

    Q: I don’t like the weapons! Especially the glowy ones! ….. ?

    A: Feel free to take them away from Eloise, sell them, and buy (or craft) her whatever you like!

    Q: Is there any way to support you?

    A: Absolutely! Endorse the mod, throw us a kudos point, endorse the mods in our credits and thanks list. Kiss your spouse, hug your kids… Or just pay it forward and be nice to somebody when you don’t need to be! Seriously!


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