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Campfire HD

I started playing again and I noticed that I never liked some textures of the amazing Campfire.

Mostly did it for myself, I’m not sure if I covered all the cloaks, and some small things are upscaled and added some definition.

I admit the fur textures could look better, but it’s not easy to do (at least for me at the moment)

(at least it looks better than the original ones IMO)

If anyone wants the waterskin without the paintings I can upload tomorrow, it’s pretty late now and I should be sleeping, damn 🙁

4k 2k 1k and 512 resolutions.

For those not knowing, textures are 100% safe to install/uninstall midgame, no ESP or anything.

Thanks to the amazing Chesko, hi Chesko!

Feel free to add your screenshots please!!![/b]


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