ElSopa HD – Absurdly Luxurious Pickaxe

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Absurdly Luxurious Pickaxe


Absurdly luxurious pickaxe retexture (every pickaxe will turn ULTRA luxurious)

Was experimenting and having fun with this and it turned out into a full retexture of the pickaxe.

You will notice there’s two 4k versions:

4k4k: 4k Difuse/4k uncompressed normal for screenshots and NASA computers.

4k2k: 4k difuse/2k uncompressed normal for ultra sexiness.

Not compatible with anything that edits the pickaxe meshes.

It’s not perfect, tbh I made it to have fun but it looked so nice I decided to share it, I hope you like it guys!

If there’s anyone out here willing to make it an unique item contact me please.


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