Elven Blades – Elven Sword and Greatsword Model Replacers

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Massive thanks and credits to these wonderful people: ———————————————————————————————————————————

LeanWolf’s Team for the Better Shaped Weapons Elven Sword and Greatsword Mesh base

liemertha for the gorgeous in-game screenshots, suggestions and weapon test runs

DigitalCabbage for porting and managing my other mods to SSE.


This mod replaces the appearance of the Elven Sword and Greatsword weapons using LeanWolf’s mesh as the base, combined with other Elven weapon parts.

As these use vanilla textures, the overall appearance of each weapon will depend on your current Elven weapon textures. The textures in the weapon previews use the Elven Weapons for Silence by Erlionel. There are 5 models available for each weapon which are downloadable as a pair, or segregated for each weapon in the Optional download section.

There’s also a Mystic Elven weapons version for each model available at the Optional download section if you use the Standalone version of the said mod. The file is structured as a Modular pack. Click here for the Mystic Elven Armor HD mod page.

Click below to view each weapon in their Mystic Elven textures:


DSR Patch files are already included for the Main and Optional download section.

There are no plans for any standalone version for these weapons, but feel free to create your own. If you plan to create a standalone, a leveled-list or a mixture of these, I would appreciate it if you contact me after you’ve uploaded / published your mod so I can place a link to your mod here. Please wait for an SSE version of this mod. It’ll be ready as soon as it is finished.




If you want to use the assets of this mod, don’t forget to give credit to LeanWolf and follow Lines 1 and 3 of permission rules, Section 5 of the Better-Shaped Weapon Mod page as stated:


You MAY use these meshes in your mod provided that:

    [*]you credit me (a link to this mod in your Desc is nice but I’ll settle for mention in the credits),[/size][/size]

    [*]you’re not simply re-packing all or a good part of this mod (no modpacks),

    [*]you’re not charging money for your mod,

    [*]you can PM me to let me know, but you don’t have to.



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