Elvi the Last Dragonborn Dovahkiin – Standalone Follower

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Elvi is designed to be the genderbend of the last dragonborn. A classic fair maiden with fierce and fiery spirit, literally bc she breathe fire heh

During the event of Dawnguard, Elvi joined the Dawnguard, but was ambushed by the vampires as she tried to sneak into the castle backyard to find Valerica and was hold captive for interrogation. 

All her things were confiscated by Harkon. Help her retrieve them back.


    [*]Nord – two handed warrior

    [*]Unique Nordic Battleaxe, Numinex. (Yes, it’s named after the dragon) has a scaled down unique Fire storm enchantment.

    [*]Shouts during combat, mostly uses fire breath shout.

    [*]Dat eternal resting bitch face

    [*]Very lore-friendly

    [*]Have most perks in 2H (includes decapitating heads) and light foot

    [*]Member of the companions, after you free her, you will find her loitering in Jorrvaskr

    [*]Marriage candidate

    [*]A good source of blood :p

    [*]She believes in Talos, damn Thalmors >:(

She will be found in Harkon’s personal chamber in Castle Volkihar.

known issue: mouth clips during dialogue. Idk what went wrong ¯_(ツ)_/¯






Either use NMM or copy paste the extracted file to your tesv.exe location


Check this out to know the full story of Elvi as created by the awesomely talented Mfait Matresse


Asset credits:

Tapered Iron Armor–Killer Keo

Studded Armor–UNP Female Armors by Exeter

Slave Rags and Panties–Wtfuun Tribal Clothe

Ks Hairdo’s

Shitload of skin textures combination which I forgot which whose :))

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97233

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