Emblem – Simple Loading Screen

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[font=Times New Roman]

[/font]Tired of those 3D models that is resource hogging and literally destroys your loading time?

Want something really subtle and great at the same time?

I believe you have Come to the right place

[font=Times New Roman]Emblem[/font][font=Georgia] – Simple Loading Screen

                                                                 [font=Times New Roman]By SLO – HeYoNia

[/font]What does it do?

It’s really simple, I mean literally simple

The Emblem Spins by 360 degrees making a perfect loop animation.

Pros –

Reduced Loading Time (The loading screen plays a 48 framed SWF file)

Cons – 

None so far


Make sure to back up your dang loadingmenu.swf if you wan’t to revert back

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98374

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