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Played a Questmod? Accidentally become Highking or Emperor? You do not have any clothes that are ..royal enough in your wardrobe? Then you are exactly right with “Emperors Wardrobe”.

This is just a simple Armor-Mod nothing more – nothing less. i made most of this outfits for a Friend’s mod and we descide to upload this outfit also seperate for Bodyslide-Support and as Standalone outfits with a few retextures included. 

The goal of this standalone mod was it to create a more fine Wardrobe fitting to an Emperor, Highking or something simlea.

– All Items are Craftable (under Imperial Category) and Enchantable.

– Full Bodyslide and HDT-Support

Circletversion of the Crown is just an additional Feature that will need a bit of work and Know How to use it proper. Then because of thausends of different Hairstyles it is not possible to adjust the crown so, that no clipping appeares.

If you like the design and want to wear the crown do following:

Open ingame the “showracemenu” (you will need the “Racemenu”-Mod) via Console. 

Head up to “Sculpt” and press F5 to export your Players head.

Open up Outfitstudio (if installed: Data/CalienteTools/Bodyslide/Outfitstudio.exe)

File => Import from Nif choose “Meshes/Rikushai/EmperorsWardrobe/Gold(Or Silver)/PlayercrownCirc.Nif”

File => Import from Nif choose “SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/YOUR_CHOOSED_NAME.Nif”

Head to the right side of Outfitstudio and mark the “Playercrown” object in the Meshes section

Rightclick on the “Playercrown” object..

Choose Move and Scale and adjust the crown just as you Like and fits to your playercharacters Head (it can be a bit tricky depending on your choosed Hairstyle)

if you are good with your result: 

Mark any Object in the Meshes section that is NOT named “Playercrown” and delete them with the “Del” Key.

File => Export to Nif

Overwrite the “Meshes/Rikushai/EmperorsWardrobe/Gold(Or Silver)/PlayercrownCirc.Nif” with your adjusted version.

Ready go ingame and check back – if you are good with it: Fine; if not repeat the entire quicktutorial.. or just use the hooded Crown..^^



– HDT Physics Extension (and of course the extended Skeleton but thats a pre-requirement for HDT)


– Bodyslide (Softrequirement)

How to Install?

Just use the Mod Manager of your choice.

Or Manyually paste over all .rar Contained files into your Skyrim Data-Folder.

Known Issues / Troubleshooting:

– Some of the outfits are Female only (just like the wedding dress)

– Most of the outfits are Beastrace-compatible, exept the wedding dress-tiaras.. i just didn’t know how to place a veil to a snout. So just let the Veil off if youre playing a female Beastrace.

Special Thanks to:

Jim – Many opinions and the permission to use his buyed meshes 🙂

ChronoTrigger77 – some of the clothing-parts above are made from meshes that belongs to him

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97895

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