Enable 1st Person Animations For Creatures

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Enables 1st person animations for all creatures minus werewolf and vampire lord. Creatures that have “arms” will have first person models. You will be able to attack use swords as normal and cast magic. But cant use killcams or furniture. 

For WW & VL go here – Enable 1st Person For Werewolf and Vampire Lord

This mod will require the latest version of Playable Monster Mod, which is the latest mod of any playable creature mod out there.

Other than just enabling first person animations, the mod also gives you some extra stuff like skeleton edits which will let you wear “human” armor on some creatures. Obviously they arent meant to wear this but thats optional and it looks cool. i guess . Increases some stats for them too..

You will be able to attack in 1st and 3rd person normally but theres a few delays when trying to enter and exit “attack pose” and “idle standing pose”.

You can do a jump instead of being stuck to the ground and sneak in first person and it will effect your attacks in 3rd.

When testing this mod out for months some 4 legged creatures tend to crash, i dunno if its my mod or PMM fault.

Not much else to say really about the mod other than the animations should work on creature that uses the same animation path but they wont have any 1st person arms. 

Now watch this video!

I would recommend using creature retexture mods as the vanilla texture for creatures generally looks bad when you look at them really close.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99052

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