Enable 1st Person For Werewolf and Vampire Lord

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So i thought “why arent these two monsters playable in 1st person todd?” then i tried to google some mods for it, all i found was “Enhanced Camera” but that doesnt give me what i wanted so i made a mod for it myself… And here we are today.

This simple mod changes two scripts PlayerWerewolfChangeScript.pex & dlc1playervampirechangescript.pex which removes the forced 3rd person camera allowing you to go into first person.

Tho the controls are limited its better than nothing. also removes the fast travel line and adds first person models and extra bits. and removes the vampire lord activation blocker, but only with the esp.

The main focus of this mod is mainly the vampire lord, most of the magic animations for first person works just fine but of course its very buggy as you arent meant to play these two creatures in first person.

werewolves cant use magic to began with so they are just limited to only dual power attacks with the anims esp i made for another mod. but if you have a mod like tk combat or whatever mod that adds extra “human” animations with the press of a button they will work in first person even if you are a creature. tho normal attacks and other things do not work.

The controls are rather really wonky to get working. you can pull out your hands and sometimes you cant put them back down. cant really attack or do much with melee as theres no animations there. for things to work as normal, put your hands down first in your non combat pose then go into 1st and it should pull out just fine.

Mod also adds 3 “skins” you can wear. 2 vampire lord skeletons and a wearbear but you need to get into the menu to equip them as the beasts. you can craft them and all. 

VL Anims.esp & WW Anims.esp was just another mod i wanted to make but i put it in here instead for testing reasons. when you have these two on it should allow some first animations to work.

Might be buggy, might not, i did just copy the whole human animations set afterall to see if they work in first person with a creature. some do most dont. these are purely optionals, you dont need them enabled to use the mod.

Now now, heres some long videos you could watch to get the idea of how it works.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98622

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