Enchanted Ship In a Bottle (Player Home)

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Enchanted Ship in a Bottle. Player home with room for all your followers. Very high quality textures, detailed inside and out,

ample storage and all the vanilla crafting stations plus many scripted interacting objects.

This mod has been a back burner side project for me for awhile. I’ve been adding a bit when time permitted to unwind.

Basically a virtual model ship project. Great care has been taken to make sure everything is correct and tested. It has many secrets for you

to unlock and should prove to be useful and hopefully entertaining. There are also many custom scripts added with unique features. 

The bottle is carried with you and can be used to “warp” inside. The ship itself is lavishly decorated as only the finest will do

for the Dragon Born … Well, it’s decorated with some nice objects anyways …

To enter and exit the ship simply click on the model ship in your inventory. 

This mod contains many switches and buttons try not to get click happy or you may break the mod or button function.

(if you happen to do this by mistake you may be able to get things back to normal by doing the same thing)

Also some of the buttons and switches activate things far away from the button itself. I have tried to limit the possibility of player error

as best I could via scripts. Some of the switches unlock other switches too (a few in the hold of the ship).

Always give a button a few seconds after clicking. If nothing seemed to happen take a look around.

This is a very complicated mod. With many unique custom features … 

Truth is I have been out of the loop for a while now as I moved on to Unity years ago.

This mod actually took me a “few years” to complete as it was only worked with on the weekends.

There are so many hidden futures and added content I would be hard pressed to list them all.

Everything within the mod is ether shareware or I had permission to use or was custom made.

The good news is the mod has a bsa and install or removal is very easy with just two files.  

Hope you like it !!

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95981

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