Encounter Zones Redone – LE

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This is a port of the original SSE mod by Kryten397


Edits 350 +  Encounter zones  and   fLeveledActorMult  Easy, Medium, Hard and Very Hard

to increase the difficulty of combat. Harder enemies appear sooner and become more numerous more quickly.

You wont get multiple Deathlords when you are only level 10. I’ve set it to be harder, not impossible.

This mod is medium difficulty and is balanced for adept game setting. It was made because I found other EZ mods way too hard.


Version 1.2 added:

Tweaks to all fLeveled actor values and changes to Embershard Mine and Bleak Falls Barrow encounter zones to prevent them from being too hard at game start due to the tweaks. Also Dustmans Cairn and Ustengrav. If you install this mod during a current playthrough, you will need to wait 3 ingame days for the encounter zones to reset.



Note from the uploader:

I ported this mod because I liked its settings, and then uploaded it ; I’m not the author and don’t have much knowledge in modding. So for any question please ask in the comments section of the SSE version:


Other recommanded mod: 

“Encounter Zones Unlocked – Dungeons don’t stop leveling after the first visit (SKSE)”


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98872

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