Enderal Armor Set Replacer

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[font=Arial]Enderal Set Armor Replacer[/font]

[font=Arial]What it does:[/font]

[font=Arial]With MedTech’s Enderal Armor Replacer Compilation as baseline, this mod replaces the meshes and textures of the existing Enderal vanilla set armors to some community created ones. Around 10 armor sets are fully replaced with male and female variants.

What it not does:

Enderal Set Armor Replacer does not change nor add or remove existing gameplay elements, stats or loot tables (except some needed minor tweaks here and there, mostly typos and set naming) This is a pure visual mod.

Armor information and Authors:

Check images for armor comparations

Gothic Plate Armor by Toasty Fresh (Selna’s Set)

DCR – King Crusader Armor by Angilla (Darkfallen Crusader Set)

Artifacts – The Breton Paladin by FrankFamily (Skybreaker Set)

Drow Armor Set by Newerwind43 (Ash Warrior Set)

Reiko Samurai Armor and Texturesby Cain9580 (Fallen Set)

Battlemage Armor by UberSmaug (Wandering Mage Set)

Tribunal Robes by Natterforme (Tribunal Set)

Ulag’s Legacy by GuitunScarfin (Ratcatcher and North Set)

Rough Leather Armor by Atomec (Swashbuckler Set)

Beyond Skyrim – Bruma Assets by BeyondSkyrim Team (Nomad Set)

I respect all of this author’s work and it’s not my intention to make any kind or profit from this mod, this mod will remain public and free for anybody who wants to modify or add to it’s content. I got permission from some of the author’s, i’m waiting on the rest for now. If any of the author’s changes it’s mind or does not give permission on the use of his assets i’ll take down the mod immediately.

Known Issues and changes:

Fallen Armor Set is Un-interactable while in the open world and as a GO(Ground Object) You’ll probably have to add it through console commands to obtain it.

Minor clipping issues on male and female bodies (Mostly for capes and some amulets) Some female assets need more polishing.

Armor set’s are meant to go together, you’ll find lot’s of invisible body parts if you misk and match different armor set pieces with each other.

Important Changes:

Skaragg Set is renamed to Darkfallen Crusader set to better match the visuals of the armor set

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96368

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