Enderal Crossbows with Manual Reload

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This is a simple compatibility patch for the excellent Non-Exploitable Crossbow Reload mod by HeroinZero, altered so that it works with Realtilie‘s Enderal – Crossbows‘ modified Dawnguard.esp. Now you can finally have crossbows in Enderal, AND reload when you actually need it (and not when that Lord of the Lost Ones is swinging a greatsword at your face).

 It’s just an .esp replacer for the crossbow reload mod, but it still requires the original mod for the scripts and other assets. And, of course, it requires Enderal – Crossbows, otherwise this would be pointless.

I made an entire playthrough with it, and it works. That said, do notify me if there’s something wrong.


Download Enderal – Crossbows. Install it.

Download Non-Exploitable Crossbow Reload. Install it.

Download this mod, and let my .esp replace the one from the above-mentioned mod.


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98391

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