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Hey there,

a nameless Steam user raised the topic about some grey faces first.

So I took the adventure about setting up the Creation Kit for Enderal and experiencing this tool for the first time.

I got schooled by two hobby modders on the Construction Set for Gamebryo’s TES IV: Oblivion, but mostly used the New Vegs G.E.C.K. to make a few mods, but especially translations for.

Which is weird as I actually play mostly in english myself. XD

Anyways, even my mentors didn’t bother working much with the CK, but I think AltDunmer made a minor mod with it.

So I feel pretty advanced now… ….


Back to a more serious note.

You see in the topic the issue with these two NPCs in Undercity of Ark.

It was easy to fix the woman, but the man didn’t want to lose his grey face.

I either tried to generate an own mod ESP, but that didn’t help.

The ESP where it didn’t work had “Skyrim.esm” and “Enderal – Forgotten Stories.esm” as masters.

I finally tried it once more with an own ESP, but just with “Skyrim.esm” as master.

It works…

Do not ask me why, I literally have no idea what’s wrong with this stupid engine.

I mean the character does NOT get touched in the other ESM, but still looks different if you load him up in the CK with the “Enderal – Forgotten Stories.esm” active, but not just the “Skyrim.esm”. oO

Check out here how I check the bugged NPC in xEdit about being changed somewhere.

But it doesn’t.

There are some NPCs marked yellow, which get changed by “Enderal – Forgotten Stories.esm”, but this one isn’t marked.

So it’s a riddle. oO

This is how the two look like, when I use my mod

Feel free to report me other NPCs who have grey faces or in other words: A different face than body color.

Please open the console and click on them to give me their exact ID number, which makes it easier for me to find them. 🙂

BUT, as soon as you come to an NPC from “Enderal – Forgotten Stories.esm”, I need to create a second file otherwise I have to add this master again to my current plugin and this guy will be broken. -.-

Guess that might be the only way to keep this one fixed. I really don’t know what the hell the issue is, but I am glad I somehow fixed it. XD

Let’s get together to get these immersion killers out. 😀

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