Enderal- Fortify Bound Weapon Damage Enchant

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I started playing Enderal a little while ago and really enjoy it but had a few things I wanted to change to open up some variety to it. I couldn’t find a modder who felt like doing it so I am attempting to do so myself. This is my first step in this goal and the first mod I have ever made.

Here is my full endgoal:


It adds a ring, necklace, cloth shoes and gloves that all fortify Bound Weapon damage by 11%.

This will not have it matching the damage crafted and tempered weapons and is not my point for this. This is to bring them more in line with them and make them viable later.  Basically trading brute force in exchange for variety.

The Ring and Amulet have been added to the leveled list for jewelry. And one piece I hid in the mounds around Sunset Coast. Don’t ask me which because I really am not sure which it was. I also have made sure to add every piece of gear to at least one vendor in the game as well with one of them being the tailor in Ark, again not entirely sure WHICH vendors overall as I was looking for vendors they logically fit in with the rest of their merchandise so I was looking at that and not their names. So there are plenty of chances to come across it, even early in the game.

I did not add this to NPC drops because honestly I did not know of any that would logically belong as I don’t recall any of them ever attacking me with bound weapons.

If you want to modify this, all you have to do is load up the editing software of your choice and change the Magnitude of “001_FortifyBoundWeaponBase” to any percentage you wish.

I would like to thank Quicksilver500, used his mod as a template for this and to get me started learning. Ended up having to take notes and start over because the editor gave me errors every step. But his was the basic template I started and learned from.

And I would also like to thank reltilie, helped me with advice to help me figure some stuff out.

Hope others enjoy this, if there is any problems, let me know and I will TRY To fix it. This actually took me about a week to figure out this far. But learning.

I hopefully will be able to start on my next mod to finish my goal soon.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99320

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