ENDERAL – KataPUMB Spell Package

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Arcanist Set: The nehrimese armor set but retextured in blue, with new enchantments and a set bonus. You need 20 of smithing and the recipe to be able to craft it in a rack.

Blackmage set: the old skyrim expert robes with the warlock hood all textured in black with specific enchantments and a set bonus. You need 30 of smithing to be able to craft it in a rack.

Every Spell Tome model now has a version made a shield so you can wear it. It can be enchanted and act as a very weak shield. If you select “debug version” at the begining it will also add to you a powerfull enchanted version of each book but i removed them from the main mod for balance purposes. You can craft them with 10 of smithing and the recipe of each book to be able to craft them.


Blink: Teleport a short distance.

Fire, frost and shock shield: Increase your elemental resistance, the spell is leveled to I to V.

Force Grab: Pull to yourself a foe or an object from a distance. It has a very high mana cost.

Lightborn Recital: Store up to 3 spells. Each time you enter in combat the spells will be cast. The spell is leveled from I to III each level let’s you store 1 new spell, in the first level you’re only able to store 1 spell, in the second 2 and in the third 3.

Recital of mana: Recharge any staff to maximum but your mana and mana regen will suffer for a long time.


Death beam: Deal entropy damage without damaging yourself, it’s obviously less powerfull but has longer reach than death breath. It’s leveld from I to VI.

Ritual of the Damned: You permanently lose 50 points of health and stamina. In exchange of your life force every entropy spell is 10% powerful laste 50% more and cost 80% less.


Death mantle: Like every other cloack has only 2 leveled versions I and II. Become the very aspect of death terrifying everyone near you.

Mind wrack: Deal magic damage and if the target don’t resist make him flee. It’s leveled from I to VII.

Mantras: Very long casting spells but with lasting and powerfull effects ment to be casted before the combat begins. You can only have one of this mantra active at once:

Mantra of Concealment: Increase sneak by 10

Mantra of Concentration: regen 5 points of mana per second

Mantra of Distraction: Increase Rethorics by 10

Mantra of Pain: there’s 2 versions one increases One Handed by 10 ponts the other increases two handed by 10 points

Mantra of Resolve: regen 5 points of stamina per second


Fire Nova: A fiery explosion centered in the caster. Has a small chance to deal extra fire damage. Leveled from I to IV.

Frost Nova: a chilly explosion centered in the caster. Has a small chance to slow foes. Leveled from I to IV.

Shock Nova: a shocking explosion centered in the caster. Has a small chance to deal extra pure damage. Leveled from I to IV.

Light Magic

Holy Ray: A holy beam that only affects foes and deals extra damage to Lost ones. Leveled from I to V.

Holy Cross: A cross made of holy fire which deals strong damage to foes and extra damage to Lost ones. Leveled from I to III.

Recital of Erodan: Every entropy spell cost 100% more but in exchange you gain 50 of mana and every Light and Mentalism spell you canst is 10% stronger and last 10% more.

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