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-I’m Chinese translator of Enderal, and thank stuemper/Enderal team for giving me beta code to play Enderal before releasing officially!

-This mod has merged my two previous mods(Enderal – Magical Symbols Collection Quest and Enderal – Ice Claws Collection Quest) and extended their function. I don’t have plan to port them to support DLC version.

– Some of the functions in this mod are mainly used for testing/debugging. Please decide whether to use them or not.

– If it’s your first time to play Enderal, be careful to use some of the functions in this mod (which may cause spoiler and mess up your playing experience).


This mod provides large number of functions and will provide great convenience for you in collecting specific items, doing quest and completing steam achievements.

– Specific Items Tracking

– Specific quest tracking

– NPC Sympathy Tracking

– Data debugging

– Miscellaneous functions


1.Magic Symbol, Ice Claw, Mystical Symbol(DLC) tracking and additional bonuses

You can enable the tracking quests of above items through the MCM menu of this mod. In addition, you can enable additional bonuses for these collecting quests.

Additional bonuses:

– Magic Symbol: The experience of each symbol is doubled. Each collection of 10 symbols will receive a stage bonus. - Ice Claw: The carry weight gained with each ice claw used is doubled. In addition, there is a chance (default 5%, can be adjusted in the MCM menu) to get another 10 points. Each collection of 25 ice claw and the complete collection will receive a stage bonus.

– Mystical Symbol (DLC): The experience of each symbol is doubled. Each collection of 5 symbols will receive a stage bonus.


– The number of these collections is massive and due to Skyrim’s engine limit, only up to 20 map markers can be showed in the compass UI, please refer to the markers on the World Map or Local Map (L).

- Because some of the collections are located in inaccessible regions, they will not be showed in the main continental map of Enderal, or may show fake markers in the map.

- If you turn on the additional bonuses in the middle of the game playing, you will receive all the staged bonuses (exclude the experience and carry weight bonuses for individual collections) that you did not receive before at one time.

2.Interesting Items and quest Items Tracking

This part currently includes bird’s eggs, armor set(exclude DLC’s new highest rank set/blueprint), bank shareholding, the original and DLC’s specific quest targets.

3.NPC Sympathy Tracking (disabled by default, please open manually in the global settings of the MCM menu)

NPC sympathy points play a key role in many quest branches. Here provides the display of some key NPC sympathy.

I will not write about sympathy detail effects. Please explore by yourself.

4.Data debugging (disabled by default, please open manually in the global settings of the MCM menu)

You can get experiences points and learning/handwork/memory points directly through this function. It is recommended only for debugging, otherwise it will affect the game playing experience.

5.Miscellaneous functions (disabled by default, please open manually in the global settings of the MCM menu)

Some of the functions that I personally came up with during the game playing. Use this may cause bugs or affect your playing experiences. Remember to use it carefully. check this in the game for details.


Copy the files to the data directory, check esp and sort load order through Enderal launcher.


Since this mod modifies trigger scripts of symbols/ice claw, it is recommended that using save cleaner to clean up the following scripts and instances after the uninstallation.





Since this mod modifies data entry and trigger scripts of symbols/ice claw, it’s incompatible with other mods that modifies the same thing.


Q:I wish you to add functions like xxxxx.

A:Please leave your comments. If it can be implemented and compatible with the environment of this mod, I will consider adding it in future updates.

Q:I want the trigger conditions of the hidden end.

A:I once considered adding this function but finally gave up. It may be difficult to explore the end by yourself, but it also brings mystique. I don’t want to break it.

Q:Some symbol/ice claw doesn’t trigger the quest bonuses!!!

A:Most of this situation may happen because you installed mods that also modify these things before, cause the script instances to be out of sync. To solve the problem: use the save cleaner to clean up the above three scripts and corresponding instances.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96281

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