English Grammar Fix for The World of Rudra

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Grammarfixer’s Notes

As anyone who used this mod knows, the ENGRISH translated version as downloaded — did you remember those dubbed Bruceploitation flicks of yore? — was worst enough to drive me to headdesking, so much that I went out to fix the grammar as well as trying to make the mod conform as much as possible to the lore, so removing anachronistic references to real-world placenames (Atacama, Hokkaido, China, etc.) and names of people (Andy, Judy, etc.), and instead using Elder Scrolls equivalents. 

Furthermore, I also added a book called “The History of Rudra” (`XX05CC27`; you have to add this book through console commands or AddItem Menu) in a headcanon effort to explain as well as historically link/tie the mod’s worlds to that of Tamriel. About the only thing I decided to leave intact, however the most anachronistic it may be, is the Lavender Villa worldspace.

On the other hand, I attempted to debug the quests, specifically the possible Chapter/Part III of the mod, but to no avail because my understanding on exactly how quests work is beyond comprehension, so I’ll leave it to someone who knows better at editing quests and scripting them.


As this is an unfinished mod, it does have a lot of bugs. SERIOUSLY.

But it’s a keeper for screenarchers because of a lot of lush stuff going on.

For this reason, if you want to keep your playthrough intact before installing this mod, and if you have Mod Organizer installed, do clone your playthrough profile first — this cloned profile you must use with Rudra.

It’s NOT recommended to clean the mod with xEdit, because for some reason after cleaning the mod, the landscape is suddenly removed and certain models are missing.

    [*]In Part II, an important NPC will be stuck in Cyrus’ palace when the quest is supposed to direct him to run to the city gate. You’ll have to open the console, click on him, then move him over with the Moveto command.

    [*]In Part II, for no apparent reason will bring Arcadia to be teleported over to Springvalley. This is a possible game-breaking bug which would make it difficult to get Arcadia’s Cauldron operational unless you have to open the Console, click on Arcadia, then COC to the Cauldron, and a “Moveto Player” command to bring her back to Skyrim.

    [*]Part III is bugged and incomplete, as the quest doesn’t go anywhere at all, even trying to talk to the NPCs who are supposed to be enabled in the quest.

    [*]There will be parts of the mod where there’s no navmeshes at all, which means your followers may get stuck somewhere.


As this is a grammar patch, this version does NOT include the resources such as meshes, textures, audio, etc.; you must download and install World of Rudra version 1.75 first before installing this grammar fix — OVERWRITE the original ESM.


Proper fixing of this mod won’t be made possible without the following tools:

    [*]ESP-ESM Translator – https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/921/?

    [*]xEdit/TES5EDIT – https://tes5edit.github.io/

    [*]zEdit – https://github.com/z-edit/zedit/releases

I also thank bee9999 for creating this very gigantic worldspace mod with enticing possibilities.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99364

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