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This mod apparently has some issues  wich i personally fixed: 

-1 Ai fix some giants didnt fight at all cuz of new weps addition and skill changes 

-2 Size hitbox, to fix that i had to make vanilla standard size except for some new npc in this mod 

-3 Range hit fixed, some npc from this mod were hitting even at an insane distance, fixed range atack and reballanced few small stats 

-4 Made giants and mammoths(all of them) enhanced a bit stronger and added some health regeneration as well as increasing some hp’s 

-5 rest is all like how orriginal mod author described 


For mor detailed description read orriginal mod page + what i added, this version DOES NOT REQUIRE ORRIGINAL MOD just DOWNGUARD dlc 


Unique giant mod new features new enhancement new combat tactivs like u’ve never seen will came in a 2nd version, for now is a work in progress, giants that will make u think twice before messing with them. 


Known issuse none i tested carefully like any other thing i did… in case of something let me now… but there wont be any problems at all … compatible with everything except mods that modify same stats etc as.  


Orriginal Description, just in any case:


All Giants:

Double the Height, Weight, and Mass than Default

70 Unarmed Damage

256 Unarmed Reach

1000 Health and Stamina

9999 Carrying Capacity

0.01% Health Regeneration Outside of Combat

10% Stamina Regeneration

Skin and Clothing combination count as Light Armor.

Immune to Full Force Unrelenting Force

33% Resistant to Magic

33% Resistant to Frost and Fire

Can Be Looted for 10 Giant Toes Each (Frost Giant Toes for Frost Giants)

Are Not Pushable

Can’t Be Knocked Down

Can Swim and Fight in Water

Naturally Unaggressive: Will usually only fight if provoked or Mammoths or other Giants are harmed, but will never flee from battle. 



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