Erinna Revamped – Nord Barbarian Follower

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SSE Conversion[/font]

Name:  Erinna

Race:  Nord Based – Custom Race

Voice:  Female Young Eager

Marriage:  Yes

Height:  .96

Weight:  85

Skin:  The Pure (8k/4k)

Body:  Custom UUNP

Location:  Rorikstead – Frost Fruit Inn

Armor:  Lady Horus’ TERA Armor – Rogue (2016 Version)

Weapons:  Nicorshi Creations (Bow of the Drow & Talon of Akatosh)

Class:  Combat Barbarian

Style:  Custom

LE ENB – Rudy

SSE ENB – SemiRealis (taken by lsdtyper)

Tested on EFF

Levels with Player.  Nord traits/bonuses.

Skill Bonuses:  Sneak, Light Armor, Restoration, Archery, Block, One & Two Handed

Perks:  One & Two Handed, Dual Wield, Block, Archery, Light Armor

*The original Erinna was released in 10/2016 but was hid

due to a permission conflict.  This version

gets rid of that conflict*

HDT Compatible Skeleton such as XPMSE

HDT Physics

Facelight Plus

Are You There

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul



Skyrim Mods & Modders[/url]

Q:  Why no CBBE version?

A.  The original didn’t have one either

A:  It’s easy to make your own; just swap out meshes/textures

but be advised armor will not fit right due to it being UUNP

Q:  Why release a Revamped version?

A:  Just tying up loose ends

Q:  What’s different from the original?

A:  No more permission conflict due to warpaint being removed

A:  Removed scars

A:  Added custom hair color

A:  Added temper recipes for armor/weapons

A:  Switched voice type from Nord to Young Eager

A:  Added better facial .tris (Thank you Expressive Facial Animation)

A:  Added better eye related textures

Q:  Do you take requests, suggestions, complaints?

A:  I’m open to all requests, suggestions, and feedback as long as they are polite.

Q:  Why isn’t this Q & A funny?

A:  Because I’m a boring person *shrugs shoulders*

LadyHorus TERA Armor[/url]

Nicoroshi Creations



Pure Skin

Fair Skin

The Eyes of Beauty

SG Hairs (Google is your friend)

YevMods – Makeup Pack (Google is your friend)

Better Makeup for SKSE

RANs Eye Reflection Extender

Citrus Heads

Seductive Lips HD

Smile in HD

Expressive Facial Animation

Kai’s Makeup and Warpaints[/url]

Xrayys HD Normal Map

Van Gogh’s Eyes




*If I forgot anyone please kindly remind me*

**Assets were not used from all above mentions but sometimes ideas/fixes were**

[font=Verdana]This follower is the combination of the work of others.  Please obtain their permissions in addition to mine.[/font]

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