Eri’s Werewolf Follower Tweak with Serana Support

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This is my modification of Werewolf Followers[/url] by Brevi. I made this mostly because I wanted the possibility to make your followers use different werewolf skins while relying on the assets of my other mod – Monster Facial Animation.

New features:

-You can now infect Serana with Lycanthropy, but only if she’s cured herself from vampirism.

-You can make your followers feed and regain health in their werewolf form. Makes more sense to ask them to do so if you’re standing near a corpse.

-Werewolf fur tokens can be crafted for free at a tanning rack and can be given one at a time to your followers (except Serana, she will already use a pre-set skin), and as long as they have that token in their inventory, they will transform into a werewolf subrace that uses that specific skin.

It is recommended that you don’t make your follower transform immediately after giving them a token, just end the conversation and then talk to them again.

*If they don’t have a token, they will transform into the vanilla werewolf race, just like in the original mod.

-The default werewolf race remains untouched in this mod.

I’m also providing a standalone version of this modification that doesn’t rely on MFA, so your followers will transform into the default werewolf race.

If you use Nether’s Follower Framework, be sure to load my mod before it.

Future plans:

Might port this to SSE later on.


Brevi for the Werewolf Follower framework

KrittaKitty and fiszi for the amazing werewolf retextures included in this modification

li1nx for the Champollion script decompiler

Original URL:

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