ESO Combat Music For Skyrim

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So you’re a big fan of Elder Scrolls series and played Skyrim for awhile and got bored of the repetitive combat music. You tried some music mods but they didn’t really fit in this universe. You played ESO and wished if its combat music was available for Skyrim? Then your search ends here. Just download and install, activate the esp and play.

I don’t really expect there to be additional crashes or stuff but please post them in the comments if there are. Also this is a mod I made for my personal use and just decided to share so it might not be professional level modding or good.

You need the latest version of Skyrim and all its DLCs otherwise the game might crash.

P.S. I think that this mod might get hit by copyright sooner than a person can blink so download it before it’s gone.


What this changes:



and I added boss music in the “Combat Boss” music type. That means I didn’t remove the vanilla dragon music.


I should tell a joke… The Tribunal

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