Esther’s Protection Ring

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Hi, As a vampire fan, i always felt the need of a sunlight ring, that allows the powerful creatures of the night walk among the mortals, Little easter egg from “The Originals” show.

This mod adds an unique craftable Sunlight Ring named “Esther’s Protection Ring” that adds the following effects;

– Negates the Weakness to Sunlight effect

– Increases Fire Resistance by 50%


Vanilla [Better Sorting]

1x Potion of Health [Fortify Health]

1x Potion of Enhanced Stamina [Fortify Stamina]

1x Potion of Extra Magicka [Fortify Magicka]

1x Potion of Regeneration [Regenerate Health]

1x Potion of Vigor [Regenerate Stamina]

1x Potion of Lasting Potency [Regenerate Magicka]

1x Void Salts [Atronoch Salts – Void]

1x Gold Sapphire Ring […]

This mod requires Dawnguard DLC


– This mod edits the VampireSunDamage01, 02, 03 and 04 Magic Effect.

– Tested with Sacrosanct.

– Please let me know if you use it with other Vampire mods.


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