Ethereal Elven Waif – UUNP BodySlide Presets

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Ethereal Elven Waif – UUNP BodySlide Presets

This is a girlish and gracile (and elf-oriented) series of BodySlide presets for UUNP (or any other slider set compatible with UNP-based textures). It’s very bottom-weighted (though not “monster booty”), while petite at the same time – small-breasted, non-muscular. It’s kinked forward in the abdomen, with a corset-trained waist. It’ll go very well with Ethereal Elven Overhaul and other elf makeover mods. The intent is to provide a slightly surreal but just barely possible body for elf followers that better diversifies them from humans.

This is an overhaul of the truly extreme Tamasayo Body by Kingc53 (in turn based on the extra-bottom-heavy and thick-thighed Culichi Buchona by El Rayas), described as “like the front half of a centaur”. I’ve run with that idea, while aiming for a more smoothly curving and delicate form, without the earlier mods’ awkward transitions and angularity, tree-trunk thighs, sternum distortion, or toothpick arms and calves.

My version is still extreme, but not in exactly the same ways, and has a much more shapely, gentle appearance. Compared to Tamasayo and Culichi, Ethereal Elven Waif has even deeper “swayback”, some new breast options (still small though!), even more curvaceous buns in a gorgeous heart shape, and a waist modeled on those of long-term corset wearers and some specific skinny models. I spent a lot of time especially on the waist-to-hip transition and the new perky-but-realistic breast option, as well as perfecting the output in Chinese UUNP’s puffy nipples version.

Some quick ‘n’ dirty tutorial material is also included below on setting up BodySlide properly, creating custom gear for followers, and using this with Chinese UUNP’s puffy nipples variant.

These presets are intentionally extreme and unusual. Please do not post commentary about it being too strange for you; you’re missing the point if you do. Just move on and go download another “giant rubber boobs” preset. >;-)

Comes in Multiple Versions FNIS Sexy Move to give your followers a more womanly gait (not an exaggerated “model walk”, but any of the several walks included in it will bring this body to proper life).

The Look and Its Inspiration

Ethereal Elven Waif ends up being even more extreme in a couple of ways than either of its forebears, with even deeper swayback, a proportionally even bigger backside, and an even more contrasting (but much smoother) hip-to-waist ratio. That said, it is nowhere near extreme when it comes to big-booty BodySlides. It’s meant to look elfin and otherworldly, not like a porno cartoon, and draws some inspiration from the works of surrealist Michael Parkes, though its exaggerations of the female form are different in their particulars.

Kingc53’s Tamasayo reduced Culichi’s muscularity, and basically made its bust at 0 weight be Tamasayo’s 100. My version is a refinement of the wild aesthetics of Tamasayo: deep, deep swayback, sharp hip-to-waist ratio, large bottom, tiny and compressed waist, small-chested. Mine doesn’t have the tree-trunk thighs and toothpick calves, and is smoother and more natural overall. I also thickened the stick-figure arms, though they are still quite thin – lazy mage arms, not a warhammer-wielder’s. Tamasayo has other issues, including significant distortion of the sternum, and breasts that turn kind of like empty sacks in too many outfits. I’ve done a rather flat-chested variant in keeping with the original intent, and a perky one that suits my preferences better, while still preserving the overall body shape. Both have been tested heavily, in UUNP and the puffy-nipples version of Chinese UUNP, for which I’ve made a special variant.

The BodySlides I’ve worked up and refined for months have very carefully adjusted sliders so that the body grows from 0 to 100 in natural ways like a woman actually putting on healthy weight. I can’t stand slidersets that do nothing but make the boobs or butt bigger. I’ve tweaked this so much, I don’t think a single slider remains in the same position as Kingc53’s Tamsayo (other than the ignored ones for sliding between one pre-defined body and another; I mean the body-part sliders). I’ve aimed to eliminate all sorts of quibbles that didn’t suit my aesthetics (which come from some art-training background, e.g. knowledge that “good girl art” is not going to look right, except for an extra-rounded African-type backside, unless the slope at the top of the buttocks is fairly closely mirrored in the belly slope to the mons pubis, and other such “secrets”). It also took several tries to get what looked okay in NIFscope and BodySlide to not look awful in the game (e.g. arms looking too scrawny, though these are still thin, mage arms; or breasts sagging too much in the non-perky version).

Ethereal Elven Waif is just marginally within the realm of possibility. I actually knew someone with swayback that deep if not deeper (including the matching almost-pregnant-looking belly projection, though she had nowhere near as small a waist. The tiny waist, from the front, is based on women who do years of corset training (some of them get even more extreme than this). From the side, both its compressed nature from navel to spine and its sudden hip/butt flaring are based loosely on (and are definitely an exaggeration of) a real woman, an adult actress known by various pseudonyms (Kani, Juliya, Lucy, Ulia E., Nene – most commonly the first and last of these; see non-nude screenshot here), and some even smaller-waisted camgirls like LayTheCat and LilLaura, though both are also small-hipped. I used Kani/Nene as the main model, for her sharp transition from nice round bottom and non-bony hips to a really tiny waist, on a small-breasted figure.

The Perky version and its variants are modeled on the breasts of adult star Jennifer White to an extent (they show significant gravity, but also project forward and are rather nipplicious for their size). It was also inspired, at the slider level, a bit by HeroeDeLeyenda’s Rebekah follower (not copied directly from it, but the ratios used to get Rebekah’s more natural breast shape, instead of the silicone beachball look, was instructive). The puffies version has been tweaked to the extent it will work without jagged distortion at the nipple.  While one could push it further, it would require very detailed vertex fixes in Outfit Studio, and even then the result would probably only work properly at exactly 0 weight and exactly 100 weight (the .TRI file with the morphing data wouldn’t have this compensation, and so would likely re-introduce jagged nips at 50 weight or whatever).



Just like any other BodySlide set: manually drag and drop the archive’s CalienteTools folder to your game’s Data folder and let it merge; or use a mod manager.

Usage Tips

    [*] I strongly recommend editing BodySlide’s Config.xml, and changing the <GameDataPath> line to point to a temporary “holding pen” folder (e.g. BodySlide export on your desktop).  By default, BodySlide overwrites your “live” game files, and that’s crazy.  You can have the <Skyrim> line under <GameDataPaths> (note the s at the end there) pointing to your real game folder (that’s where it reads some stuff from, not where it writes to). Copy your DataTexturesActorsCharacterFemale directory into your new output holding folder, so basic textures are available to BodySlide.  Now, when you work in BodySlide, you export to your holding directory, to make sure you like what you see, then merge those output files into your game’s real Data directory.  If you have BodySlide 4.7.1. or later, the custom holding directory path you used in <GameDataPath> should also appear just below it in <OutputDataPath>, (possibly only in that line; the change in the XML options from 4.7.0 to 4.7.1 hasn’t been documented, and this bears some additional testing). I would suggest also adding, just before the closing </Config> at the bottom of the file, this line: <WarnBatchBuildOverride>true</WarnBatchBuildOverride> (it will help you manage conflicting outfit sets that try to output to the same filenames, e.g. HDT and non-HDT versions of things).

    [*] Run BodySlide and pick one of this body’s non-pushup versions in the top selector; for most purposes and more flexibility, I recommend Perky. The exact details below assume you have done so. Click the Preview button, and you can get an idea what it looks like in-game (though this does not show HDT gravity, and will look a little higher than it will in-game, though not much since these are small, light-weight breasts).

    [*] You can then tell it to generate the body, using Perky (or whatever you chose). Turn on the “Generate Morphs” option at bottom left for .TRI files used for weight morphing, and click “Batch Build”, and select Unified UNP Special for body, hands, and feet (unless you’re sure you want some other body mesh set – UUNP Special does require HDT).  Generate these.  If you like how the results look in NIFSkope or Outfit Studio (remembering that the real game has more gravity), go ahead and merge these new meshes into your live game folder. Backing up the original meshes first is advisable.

    [*] Next, pick a pushup option (try Perky Puffy Pushup), and go back into Batch Build and build all available clothing and armor outfits.  You need to install these separately. Just search Skyrim Nexus for “UUNP vanilla” and you’ll find a bunch. What you want to start with is a UUNP replacer for all vanilla female clothing and armor, then as you add mod outfits look for UUNP BodySlides for them (and avoid those that don’t include them or don’t have them available from someone else).

    [*] As you play the game, take note of outfits you’d rather have less or more of a push-in-and-up effect on, and regenerate those ones in particular with different variant of the preset. If using Perky as your base body, Perky Pushup will be good for bodices and bras and thin robes with cups (nipples shape will be visible), Perky Puffy will smooth the pokey nips without lift (e.g. for thick clothing), Perky Puffy Pushup will smooth the nips and provide lift (e.g. for rigid armor with cups), Regular will flatten substantially (e.g. for leather armor and thick clothing), and Regular Pushup will flatten and lift (e.g. for solid breastplates). As you add outfits to BodySlide, you’ll find that various sets apply HDT to armor they shouldn’t (e.g. a steel chest piece bobbling around like bare breasts). It takes experimentation to figure out which meshes from which collections work best for which outfits.  See the Videos section of the nexus page for the Whole Lotta Woman sliderset, and you’ll note that when I put chesty Marla in a metal outfit, the boob-bouncing stopped. That’s because I generated that outfit with a non-HDT top.

    [*] If you find that some outfits clip badly, you can use BodySlide’s included Outfit Studio to adjust them, but this takes a lot of practice, and this isn’t the place for a tutorial on that.  You may find that some BodySlide outfits include the wrong body in them (e.g. breasts will erupt through the gear), or just kind of suck (e.g. bra tops that do not wrap properly around the breasts, underwear that seems to “hover” around the body and isn’t close enough to the skin to be realistic, etc.).  Again, that’s fixable with a lot of work, but this isn’t the place to get into it. It’s just a general BodySlide issue, with any body models you use.

    [*] If you don’t use HDT, try using the Perky Pushup version as nude, Perky Puffy Pushup as light clothing, and Regular Pushup as tight gear. This will compensate a little bit for you not having automatic HDT gravity applied to bodyparts in-game.

Use with Chinese UUNP’s Puffy Nipples

I’ve adapted this to the legendary “Chinese UUNP” (or ChUU for short), as a separate set of files. The main draws of that mesh set are puffy nipples (optional) and 3D pubic hair (also optional), though it has other features like thigh and individual-finger HDT. What it does to nipples is make them larger in some specific ways (the mesh grows both the areola and the nipple tip both forward an in diameter). If you apply it to a regular nipple (like this mod’s regular version), you just get bigger prominent nips. If you apply it to a bigger-nipple preset (like this mod’s Perky), you get huge nips, like a pregnant/lactating woman. If you apply ChUU to a flattened nipple, with just the right settings – it takes experimentation to not end up with mesh jaggies), you get a classic puffy nipple. Examples: Naturalistic HDT and Beast HDT[/url] by Bazinga (which is also incidentally one of the best “bounce kits” you can get anyway – all your HDT XML needs in one package probably; I’ve been using it for over a year and highly recommend it). My own ChUU screenshots are using my own cleaned-up copy of the original Chinese UUNP; the screens featuring Naria have this body, including 3D pubic hair. Aside from the last point, it looks just like NBB ChUU.

Regardless, ChUU is not an entire body model preset like UNPB, etc. – it isn’t represented by its own slider in the bottom half of the BodySlide window. Those presets are all built into BodySlide. Nor is it like this and most other presets, which are basically outfits that happen to save to femalebody_*.nif but implement either UUNP or UUNP special, which ever you picked. It’s kinda between these extremes, and has its own slider group, body preset, and “outfit” slider sets, and has meshes that implement their own NITriShapes with unique bone weighting, HDT XML action, special textures, etc. It comes with default body slider presets (which otherwise look like the default UUNP body), but what you want to do to use it’s “outfit” sliderset with one of this mod’s body presets, in the following step-by-step way:


    [*] In the “Preset” dropdown, pick the Ethereal Elven Waif body you want (probably “Ethereal Elven Waif Puffy 3.0”, which was intended specifically for ChUU)

    [*] In “Outfit Filter” at top right, enter one of the following (without the quotation marks)

      [*] “NBB” if you are using Bazinga’s Naturalistic HDT and Beast HDT

      [*] “UUNP HDTVIGINA” if you are using the original ChUU (my forthcoming overhaul of it will fix that typo).

    [*] Turn on “Build morphs” at bottom left

    [*] Click “Batch Build”

    [*] In the list that comes up, select the body, feet, and hands meshes you want.

      [*] For Bazinga’s version, this will probably be “NBB – Chinese UUNP Special Puffy”, “NBB – UUNP Feet Special”, and “NBB – UUNP Hands Special”, though you can also just do the body and later use standard UUNP Special hands and feet if you prefer them (or some other set you have installed).

      [*] If you have (and have cleaned up) the original ChUU, you’ll need to examine the ShapeData meshes and get a good idea which pubes options output as what, since some of them have Chinese names like “Zhong1”. There are both puffy-nipple versions (with “NIPPLE” in their names) and regular versions; here, we’re after the puffies. So pick something like “UUNP HDTVIGINA NIPPLE-MINI” for a little elfy bush.

        [*] This version has its own hands and feet stuff, but it’s confusing. The messy original ChUU installer package overwrites the default “Unified UNP Feet” and “Unified UNP Hands”, and also provides a seemingly malfunctional “Unified UNP Feet_N”, and a “Unified UNP Feet (XPMSE)”. I have not had good luck with these other than the hands, but I don’t use SexLab stuff, so I don’t need ChUU’s hands and feet anyway. What I recommend instead: generate the body, then put “Special” in the “Output Filter” and generate the standard “Unified UNP Special Feet” and “Unified UNP Special Hands” (unless you’re sure you want some other option you have installed; there are some feet and hand beautification mods out there, mostly on

      [/list][*] If you’ve sensibly followed my earlier advice and tweaked your BodySlide config to not overwrite your live game files, you now have a custom body to examine in your holding-pen folder and can do what you want with it, like make it the body of some particular follower mod. If you didn’t heed my warning, you’ve replaced your entire game-wide female body. PS: To date, there is no way to assign a body on a per-race basis in Skyrim; no one has done anything like Blockhead for Oblivion, as far as I know.


      NOTE: Because special features of Chinese UUNP, like puffy nips and thigh HDT are dependent on features in the body mesh itself and the XMLs it calls, if you generate something like a see-through outfit that includes the body (which it will for anything classed as a cuirass/robe), it will not have these features. You can fix this in Outfit Studio (part of the BodySlide package):


        [*] Load the whatever_0.nif of the outfit in Outfit Studio. If you don’t see textures, you need copy them into whatever directory you are telling BodySlide to get resources from in its config file (this may be the same temp directory structure to which you are exporting).

        [*] Delete the body NITrishapes from the mesh (including any subparts like a 3D vag).

        [*] Use File > Import > From NIF, and import a copy of your Ethereal Elven Waif Chinese UUNP body’s femalebody_0.nif.

        [*] Make sure it fits right, after being swapped in place of the default UUNP body you removed. Outfit Studio has tools for reshaping stuff; they take practice to use well.

          [*] A common trick for resolving minor clipping is to shrink the offending area of the “non-cooperative” body part a little underneath the clothing. This generally works better than “zapping” part of the body by masking that area of it, inverting the mask, and deleting the vertices.

          [*] One can also grow the overlaying clothing a little in that area, but this has to be done very selectively, since gear has to work in layers (if you grow one layer too much, it’ll clip into another one you put on over it).

        [*] When you’re done, do File > Export > To NIF, and save to a copy. Examine it in NIFSkope. If satisfied, replace the original whatever_0.nif of the gear item that had the clipping problem.

        [*] Repeat all the above with the item’s whatever_1.nif size, and import your femalebody_1.nif variant into it to tweak the fit at the 100-weight end of the scale.


        Sadly, this technique doesn’t really work for completely screwed up outfit slider sets that are importing and building around the wrong body (e.g. you see a bodice with cups nowhere near the actual breasts). You can try it, and once in a while it will be close enough that you can manually readjust things to fit, but most of these cases are hopeless. The majority of them seem to be someone accidentally releasing a “UUNP” BodySlide set misconfigured to use the CBBE body, though sometimes it’s some UNP-based body that is specific, like UNPB, instead of being the UUNP base shape.

        Other Compatibility Notes

        Kingc53 released a series of non-replacer gear conversions for Tamasayo Body original. These will look close enough you can probably use them as-is on Ethereal Elven Waif without the differences being too glaring. I’m not sure exactly what original gear slider sets Kingc53 used, though I would think his credits on his own mod pages provide enough information to regenerate these in exact Ethereal Elven Waif proportions.I am not certain what would happen if you applied this preset to a CBBE body. I strongly suspect that it would come out even more freakish and require a lot of manual re-tweaking to look sane and to look anything like the original UUNP results.

        Custom Non-replacer Gear

        If you won’t be using this as the game-wide female body, it’s not hard to create a custom outfit for a specific follower:


          [*] Use BodySlide to generate new meshes for the gear item(s), using this preset.

          [*] Create a directory for them, e.g. DatameshesactorsCharacterNamegear and put them in there.

          [*] Use TES5Edit to “Copy as new record into …” (right click on the appropriate record in the left pane) the records for this gear from Skyrim.esm or whatever original mod provided them, into your follower mod (or a new ESP file). Do this with the Armor Addon (ARMA), Armor (ARMO), and Constructible Object (COBJ) records for each gear item to convert.

          [*] If you have trouble finding them all, note that every COBJ will call an ARMO and every ARMO relies on an ARMA. Also, the bottom of the right-hand pane has a “References” tab that shows you what other records make reference to the one you are looking at. So, you can follow the dependency tree in either direction.

          [*] When copying records, you’ll be prompted to rename their editor IDs. Do so. E.g., if the original item was something like JimbobDaedricWarlockCuirass02AA, use something like CharacterNameJimbobDaedricWarlockCuirass02AA). Don’t worry about hexadecimal formIDs; TES5Edit handles them automagically.

          [*]Allow TES5Edit to add the original file as a master, if it asks.

          [*]In each ARMA record, change the female world-mesh path (toward middle of right pane) to match where you saved the item above. It expects a path beginning inside (below) Datameshes ; for example, you might put actorsCharacterNamegearwarlock2_body_1.nif. Always use the *_1.nif version for gear with both *_0.nif and *_1.nif files. Do the same to the female first-person record, if one is present and it is the same as the non-first-person one above it (if it is not the same, just leave it as-is). Occasionally there is only one world-mesh path, and it’s in the male entry; this is fine, and it is the one to change. No need to change male records if there are also female ones; just change the female ones in that case.

          [*] In each new ARMO record, change the armature subrecord (bottom of right pane) to point to the corresponding new ARMA record instead of the original one. If the ARMO record uses a world-mesh subrecord (this one is for ground and inventory meshes, not worn-in-the-world) which is the same as that in the ARMA record, then replace it with that new path (if it’s instead calling something different, like an individual ground mesh, just leave it). If there is only one such subrecord, it will often be male rather than female; don’t worry about it. If both are present and one needs to change, change the female one.

          [*] Name your new copies something like CharacterName's Daedric Cuirass, etc., so you can tell them apart in-game. This is the NAME subrecord in the right-hand pane when viewing the ARMO record.

          [*] In each COBJ record, change the created-item subrecord (bottom of right pane) to point to the correct new ARMO record instead of the original.

          [*] When done adding gear, right-click on the mod you’re editing (your follower or your new ESP file), and do “Clean masters”. This will remove any temporary master files. It will keep masters you copied gear from if that gear has any other dependencies, like new enchantment effects or custom texture set (TXST) records defined in the original file. If you really need there to be no dependencies (e.g. because you’re going to release this as a stand-alone follower or something), you can track them all down, copy these resources into your mod, and then replace the calls to the original mod’s records with ones to your new copies. This is tedious and need not be done if you’re just modding your own game.

          [*] Next, right click the mod again and do “Check for errors” to make sure you didn’t break anything.

          [*] Finally, quit TES5Edit, which will prompt you to save your new mod (or altered follower mod). If its wants to save more than one, you probably inadvertently changed something in the original soruce file, and should not save those other changes (especially to something basic like Update.esm or Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esm). So, make sure the checkboxes next to which changed mods to save make sense.

          [*] If you don’t want to wait around for the gear to show up in the world, or to have to craft it, use AddItemMenu to get it (or use Console commands if you’re extra-geeky – Google for Skyrim additem Console for details).


        This is visually based on Kingc53’s Tamasayo Body, and superrayas/El Rayas’s earlier Culichi Buchona. However, at this point it probably doesn’t have a single slider setting in common with either of them. This has been revised dozens of times since I started working on it in September 2018. I impose no restrictions on reuse, redistribution, or further modification of my slider sets, though of course a credit is appreciated. My simple tutorial materials can be repurposed with credit as well.  No prior permission is needed for anything from me.

        Screenshot credits: I tried it first on Agatha, the first follower adapted (by Kingc53) to Tamasayo (original follower by Aberin), but ended up not liking her look at all, and abandoned working with her in the 1.x phase. There may be a screener or two in here from that era. The puffy-perky version I’m trying out on a Wood Elf follower. For all the rest of that series, I am using Naria (HG_Naria.esp) by ats321. Gear used so far, to the extent I can remember: An adapted variant of Dark Brotherhood armor (probably mostly from The Book of UUNP, for the 2.x flatter version, which which I wasn’t entirely happy. For Naria in the perky variant, I mostly used Emfy Cleric Robes and Celes Nightingale by nsk13 (AKA DeserterX), and Jewelry Outfit by Gatti2012. GameFever did most of the UUNP BodySlide conversions, as I recall. For final testing of 3.0’s variants, I generated a bunch of new outfits, and put them on the new Night Elf follower, Shandris by songgod, but customized to have non-freaky eyes, non-sideways ears, no facepaint, and some other tweaks (I needed her to look rather like a Dunmer for these screenshots). Outfits used in those screens include: Elven mashup (parts from Book of UUNP and CT77’s and Crosscrusade’s sets, plus panties from Hmm What to Wear), Dark Brotherhood/Shrouded gear mashup (CT77 and Crosscrusade), Damaged Feather by NiNi, robes from Book of UUNP, Crosscrusade’s Sexy Studded Leather and Sexy Daedric, and Deserter X/nsk13’s Gwelda RedHood and Merta Assassin and Sotteta Necromancer, plus a few random bits of other stuff, like a wreath and a glass headdress; I’m not sure which mods those are from.

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