EWO Ebony Warrior Overhaul

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EWO – Ebony Warrior Overhaul 

When I first meet the Ebony Warrior I was very excited to fight him. To bad that did not last very long. The last Vigil is literaly nothing in the middle of nowhere. Very disapointing. Than when the fighting started 

it was nice at first. But as so many others I thought the reflect damage perk is really bad and the disarm effect only anoying to deal with. Overall he was just a stronger Draugr Death Overlord. Also, after the 

fight, more than once i was closer to Riften than to the last vigil. The hole character feels like half finished, esp the part about ebonarm and sovngarde. I was very supprised, that no one made a decent mod worthy 

for this character. 

This is my attempt at fixing said issues. 

Features in Version 1.0 

Changes to the last vigil 

– enter through a gate on top of a tower, said gate closes behind you 

– the mountain cliff is now walled of so you cant fight down the mountain 

– there is now a small nordic ruin and the landscape has some changes

– the nordic ruin features a small player home with the usual stuff u need 

– added journels to tell a story of the ebony warriors adventure

Changes to the ebony warrior combat

– new weapon, shield, ring, amulet

– changes to enchantment, spells, perks most important no more reflect damage or disarming 

– set the focus more to melee juggernaut + shouts, less on spells and archer

– he uses ice and fire effects, has resistance to them, but weaker against lighting 

– overall the idea is to give him clear strange but also clear weakness 

Changes to the ebony warrior himself

– visually more like what we know about ebonarm 

– at last. sovngarde …

Planned Features in Updates – feel free to make suggestions 

– unique enchantment to the sword, something like the bloodskaal blade 

– unique mesh/ texture for the armor 

– fix the gate 

– maybe a death scene, he asks you to end it

– new boss combat music 


Nicos Scimitars for the scimitar


lautasantenni for the ring and amulet


farinelli for the shield


Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96886

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