Exclusive Asian Assassin Healer Companions

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For these companions I decided to use some presets I found to get the look I wanted. They both use a healer AI that is spot on and works well for them to heal the player, themselves and fellow followers. They are very versatile as such that you can make them just heal or for me have them do any combat plus heal also. This mod has been sitting a while with a due reason that my laptop took a crap and at this moment I do not have the funds for a new one. Sad but I might as well inform everyone I won’t be creating till who knows when. If anything is wrong I can fix it and can only offer support from my phone. Thank you for understanding it was indeed a fun and pleasurable ride in the community. 

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Leyenda Skin

KS Hairdos – Renewal

Fair Skin Brows

Realistic Asian Face Preset(Thanx For The Eyes Too)

Geisha – Asian Female Racemenu Preset

Oriental weapon and armor set

Neo Oriental Dress v1_20 CBBE UNP

ShinShi Armor UUNP[/url]

Vanilla Followers AI (Tutorial)

Fear Cloak Tutorial[/url]

Face Light

Snapdragon Prime ENB

Goma Pero Poses (NEED Tumblr account)[/url]



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