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G’day mates!

Thank you all for reading this!

This is an experimental mod that allows you to add or remove the custom cheat perks via MCM toggle. Not much to say about it, really.

Since Skyrim does have an enchanting system, which negates the need for the legendary modifications, I have decided to make a perk-only version.

This mod will be for only for PC, as this mod requires SKSE (1.7.3)[/url] and PapyrusUtil.

Just bear in mind that this is purely experimental and I’m still working on this.

At this point, porting to Xbox and PlayStation is not a possibility. My apologies to the console players. Hopefully a mod author will have something similar that will work for you via BethNet.

Installation instructions:

Important! Before you install this mod.

Make a clean save before you install this mod. This is a must.  (I have recently found out that this mod doesn’t update on each version changes… Still working a way to automatically update this without mod users requiring a clean save. Any advice would be great.)

You can install this mod as usual, via manual means or mod manager.  However, if you find you are having issues with sliders not showing up, please check your Data folder in Skyrim installation, and ensure that PerkMagnifierProfiles folder is in there. If not, you can do this manually.

For Mod Organiser users, it should be similar except you can put the PerkMagnifierProfiles folder in the Overwrite folder and see if it works.

Load Order note:

As reported by a few users who have used my mod, you will want to place the ECP mod at the very last in your load list as it seems to work the best for them., especially if other mods that use their own version of PapyrusUtil.dll.

Update instructions

I would recommend having a clean save beforehand. Otherwise, try the following below instructions:

1. Load up your save after installing the update.

2. Open up the console and type the below:

setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1

3. Give it a bit until you see “x new menus registered” or something similar, then you’ll be able to use the updated menu… if it works. Otherwise, clean save before update is needed. 

(Still figuring out the best ways to update the scripts in your saves automatically without the need to use console commands or clean saves. Any tips would be helpful)

Note about Json files:

You can edit the min and mix sliders for your own experiments as you can adjust how high you can go, or limit yourself via json file for your game (Only the base file), although you can also modify the values for your character-specific json files.

Basically, what this system does is that it will have a base json file with it’s own min-max slider values and it is used to generate the character-specific json files, making edits on the fly easier. 

Still working on improving this system as it will take me time, but I have ideas.


Dylan James – Discord user name / NexusMods name: DylanJamesWasTaken

Pickysaurus – Same name for Discord and NexusMods.

Scrivener07 – Same name for Discord and NexusMods.

Ahzaab – Same name for Discord and NexusMods.

shad0wshayd3  – (On Discord. His NexusMod name is ShadowShayde) for his help on the ammo refill perk. He’s saved my sanity for that.

Contrathetix –  (On Discord. NexusMods name unknown) for his help on time-affecting perks, with shad0wshayd3.

Deathbane2626 – For his suggestion regarding GameSetting values and information regarding .bsa files.

You may not upload my mod to Bethesda.net and any third-party website, nor use this mod’s contents in Creation Club. It will remain free forever.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96741

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