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– Skyrim (Skyrim.esm and Update.esm, no DLC required)


Place the .esp into your Data folder or use your preferred mod manager to install it.

What is this mod?

A potion that upon being placed in an NPCs inventory, explodes after a 3 second delay. Be aware the explosion radius is huge so run away really fast! I was inspired by other mods that have similar things except I wanted to have a simple explosive potion, nothing else.

This is still my first mod, so there might be some issues.

This mod is not intended to be a game changing, eye opening experience. It’s more of a simple fun mod and/or a resource/”template” mod used by others.

How do I use this?

Right now you can only add the item via console commands. Type “help explosive” to get the potion ID. After that, you need the Poisoner perk to make it work. After doing this, simply place the item via reverse pickpocketing into an NPCs inventory

I don’t like the look/the explosion radius/something else about this mod! Can I change it?

Yes, however credit is welcome. I won’t go after you if you decide to not give it, but it’s still would be a good thing to do.

I have an issue! What should I do?

Either make a post about it in the comments, PM me or send it to the bugs section. I will try to read and solve them soon as possible.


Possibly incompatible:

– Ordinator (not tested nor confirmed, just an assumption).


– Bethesda for Skyrim and Creation Kit.

– u/Voeille for helping me with the script.

– foamyesque for providing me with the script.

– r/Skyrimmods for helping me in my Creation Kit endevadors.

– Nexus for letting us host thousands of mods.

– And many others I would like to thanks, but due to privacy concerns I would like to postpone it (PM me if I forgot you and wish to get added).

If you have any questions just ask, and have fun playing Skyrim with or without this mod!

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