Extended Nordic Exteriors

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[Background] I created this mod among others in 2015 – however, like all of my mods I kept them to myself and had no plans to release them. Sadly, all mods got destroyed after I removed Skyrim from my pc. Last year in June, I started on ReQuest as I now wanted to share my modifications. Here goes.

So what does this mod do? It adds ruins and hints of Nords having lived in the areas around minor dungeons, hold capitals and just the wilderness. For example, Falkreath now has hints of an ancient wall and there’s monuments placed around the town. Silent moons camp is now an actual camp, and doesn’t end abrubtly. Rather, it contains a small outter wall and some ruined houses on it’s borders.

It’s all subtle details. And that’s all you need to convey the feeling you want the player to have.
~me, teunu, just now.

As of this release (v0.0.1) I’ve only done Silent Moons Camp and Falkreath. There’s going to be more on the platter though. I just want to release now before I forget I should. I’m currently focused on school and (shameless plug) the ReQuest project[/url].

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96696

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