FadingSignal’s Solstheim Lighthouse for LE

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To quote the original SSE mod page:

“Solstheim Lighthouse adds a new Redoran style lighthouse with a custom made mesh (with custom collision) to the edge

of the Solstheim island, at the inlet of the docks.  I couldn’t find an

existing resource, so I took a couple hours and whipped this up from

scratch.  Don’t forget to endorse if you like it!

I’ve been peppering some detail into Solstheim to prepare for an upcoming

playthrough, and always thought that the island could use a lighthouse. 

Solstheim is foggy, and laden with ash, so I can’t imagine it’s easy to

navigate as a sailor coming to port.  Not to mention, its beaches are

covered in those basalt columns, which would bash a ship apart with

ease.  Sailors, rejoice!


    [*]New lighthouse mesh (with custom collision).  Uses vanilla textures so your Raven Rock / Bulwark textures will be used.

    [*]Lighthouse, fire, and glow are flagged as “Is Full LOD” so they will be visible from great distances.

    [*]Decorated with fire, lights, banners, a rowboat, and a guard who will stand near the entrance 24/7.

    [*]Functioning doors so you can go up to the top of the lighthouse.  This is done with

    a tiny snip of script that runs when you activate the door to avoid

    editing navmeshing.  Followers won’t follow you but there’s no space up

    there anyway.

    [*]2 vanilla edits to simply move an ash pile, and a basalt column out of the way where the lighthouse sits.”

Please consider downloading the original mod just to give it a well-earned endorsement. I just adapted everything for LE.

It is not compatible with Quaint Raven Rock, however it works fine with Simple Raven Rock Expansion (which I use).

Many thanks to fadingsignal for giving me permission to share this port.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97743

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