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A Racemenu preset of my dumbass dragonborn Fanris, just for fun. If you’re following me on Tumblr (I’m @doomedteaparty!), then chances are you already know who he is.

Despite the appearance, Fanris is technically a Breton in-game. I used Cross Racial Features[/url] to give him Bosmer eyes, although this shouldn’t need that mod in order to work (? let me know if I’m wrong). Of course, that means if you change his eyes in-game you’ll no longer be able to revert to his original eyes. 

There are two presets included: the original, and the “stripped down” version that doesn’t require any mods.


Requirements (i know, i know, it’s a lot):

Northborn Scars

Skin Feature Overlays

Dalish Vallaslin


Required, but not important (just replacers; feel free to use other replacers or not at all, but he won’t look exactly the same as the one in my screenshots):

Better males

Forsworn and Blackblood and Boethiah Tattoos 2k

Eyebrow Specularity Fix

Eye Normal Map Fix

ApachiiSkyHair natural Retexture

XCE – Xenius Character Enhancement (for the eye textures only – I personally installed Better Males’ textures on top of it while keeping the rest of the files)

The “Fanris_Base” preset doesn’t depend on any mods, uses vanilla hair, pretty much just his facial structures and coloring.


Known Issues:

There are some slight deformities/mesh issues around his eyelids and ears (blocky/pixel-y mesh due to Skyrim’s low poly head model).

Depending on how nitpicky you are, this might be a dealbreaker to you… or not. Of course, if you have better experience with head sculpting than I do, feel free to improve upon his face model, give it a snazzy new hair, remove his body and facial scars, whatever.

Take extra care when re-sculpting him; his scars tend to “clip” into his cheek if the sliders are raised too extremely. (Technically, Skyrim’s scars are drawn on top of a separate “mesh” that is wrapped closely around the character’s cheeks. Sometimes this mesh will sink into the character’s head or float awkwardly in front of it, if the character’s facial feature is extremely exaggerated.)

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