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[font=Verdana]           [/font][font=MV Boli]Far From Home

[/font][font=MV Boli]Far from home Follower mod adds 4 Vampire followers in 2 groups that travel around Skyrim, the traveling they do is random and on a timer. This means I have no idea where they are in Skyrim. There starting locations make

no difference, as soon as they are put in your game they begin traveling much like the mod Beast Caravan. They work as Vampires if you have the Bloodthirst mod for more immersion.

These followers all use the same body meshes UUNP HDT special Top Model standard version found in [/font][font=MV Boli]BodySlideand Outfit Studio[/font][font=MV Boli]. The textures are from Darren Stone and all characters were made with his

textures, meaning if you decide to change the textures, you will change the looks.

If you are familiar with my other mods The Girls of Black, Faith and Fury then these 2 groups do the same. They follow a designated leader but this time they use a package to achieve this. I found it a little smoother in there actions, but let me know if you find any problems with it.

They are Vampires and in that, there combat is set to fight as Vampires do, but I have played with this and a couple of changes were made. Shinoa likes the bow and will use this until she is in close, Mitsuba is a boss class

Vampire and will use almost anything. Minori and Mito are mage Vampires.

[/font][font=MV Boli]Minori[/font][font=MV Boli]-  Combat Class Vampire Mage. Weight 50 – Height 100 – Essential – Marriage Yes

[/font][font=MV Boli]Shinoa[/font][font=MV Boli]- Combat Class Vampire Ranger+.  Weight 50 – Height 100 – Essential – Marriage Yes

[/font][font=MV Boli]Mitsuba[/font][font=MV Boli] – Combat Class Vampire Boss+.  Weight 100 – Height 100 – Essential – Marriage Yes

[/font][font=MV Boli]Mito[/font][font=MV Boli]- Combat Class Vampire Mage.  Weight 100 – Height 100 – Essential – Marriage Yes

These girls were made as normal characters in racemenu then changed into Vampires. This was a lot of work and I won’t be attempting it again. [/font][font=Verdana]

I would like to thank all the great mods and the authors for making all this possible.

I have a big shout out to D. Asherz for his direction at the start and his help.

Also a big one to Darren Stone for the gift of his textures and his generosity.

Thanks to bagserk for his follower tutorial video that helped me to go it alone.

[/font][font=MV Boli]CITRUSHeads(HD Meshes)[/url] – Created by Blabba

DarrenStone – Textures 2K Check out his mods beautiful.

XP32Maximum Skeleton Extended – XPMSE – Created by Groovtama and Daymarr

BodySlideand Outfit Studio – Created by Ousnius and Caliente

All-in-OneUUNP/CBBE HDT Animated Pussy[/url] – Created By HeroedeLeyenda

RaceMenu – Created by Expire6978

HDTPhysics Extensions – Created by HydrogensaysHDT

KSHairdos-Renewal – Created by Kalilies and Stealthic

Cherry’sEyes – Created by Cherry Mods

MikanEyes – Created by Nerune

Brows – Created by Hvergelmir

ImprovedEye Reflections and CubeMap[/url] – Created by fadingsignal

Nifskope from github

[/font][font=MV Boli]SnapdragonPrime[/font][font=MV Boli][/font][font=MV Boli]Created by tetrodoxin

All armors used in the screenshots are from Team Tal Not part of the mod.[/font] [font=MV Boli]

You know the drill, no uploading anywhere else or making money on the side.

There is a bit of a back story to this mod, that was turning into a book so I stopped, if this goes well I might finish it.


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