Farron Greatsword and Dagger

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This mod adds to the game one sword and one dagger (with normal and reversed grip) from Dark Souls 3. The Farron Greatsword and the parrying dagger that goes with it.

The sword has two variants – One-handed and two-handed. Both variants are in the same size, same reach, same base damage, and same attack speed, all of this is to keep the original style of the duo from Dark Souls. The base damage on the sword is 30. Attack speed is 0.85 and the reach is 1.6.

The dagger also has two variants – Both are one-handed, one is with normal and the other is with reversed grip. The base damage is 11.

Both the dagger and the sword have scripted perk similar to the silver sword perk. They do 30 more damage to abyssal enemies (at least I consider them as such) which are dragons, undead, werewolves, vampires, and daedra. 


Simply use mod manager or manually place:

textures, meshes and the FarronGS.esp into the data folder of your Skyrim.


Simply use mod manager or manually delete:

…/textures/weapons/Farron GreatSword folder 

…/meshes/weapons/FarronGS folder



…/data FarronGS.esp plugin

How to find them:

You can obtain them from a big werewolf (called The old wolf of Farron)  inside the Wolfskull cave (obvious?). He is on top of a tower and is or at least should be bigger than normal werewolves.


Big thanks to Blender, what a great program!

Substance Painter. Beautiful textures 

To Nexus and all of you guys, nothing will be possible without you!

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99582

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