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Here is my first Fashion Skyrim List preset file to spread cloths and armors from mods on the people of Skyrim! I started with the beast XD

Some of the items from the big mod Apachii Divine elegance store will now be wore by NPCs. I left out the ones that I deemeed TOO lore unfriendly (like cowboy suits or modern clothes), and the one for which I didn’t make a list (huntress armor would look perfect on Forsworn but I didn’t think about creating an outfit list for forsworns..)..

the screenshots are just examples, there are more of them around 😉

General rules with my preset lists file:

– If you find anything strange (like a peasant wearing an ebony armor.. whoops. Totally not happened in tests I assure you :p), naked people or people with missing body parts let me know asap and I’ll fix.

– If you have any advice on placing some other items on specific lists let me know!

– If you think some items needs to be re-balanced to stay let me know!

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