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Have you ever wondered why are you the only one wearing cool clothes from mods?

I surely did.. that’s why I decided to bring them to the people of Skyrim! 

[font=Verdana]This is a custom take on the vanilla outfit system, which gives everyone a defined set of clothes to wear… Now it will instead give them a LIST of clothes to CHOOSE from! 


I looked at every default outfit, took out the default clothes and replaced them with lists. Every NPC chooses from a specific list, depending on what is their status and what they usually wear.

You can place in a list whatever you deem fit for that particular category! I will also share my list presets, as I already organized many popular (and less popular) mods into my list, so you will see them spread around.

Lists are called “aaOtfitList(listname)” and you can easily place stuff in them through the Creation kit.. or use my already made presets 🙂

Right now they cover:

Farm (used by everyone that used to wear farm clothes),

Merchant (replaces the merchant clothes),

Mage (replaces mage robes),

College (stuff students at the college will wear),

Tavern (affects barkeepers),


Miners (you got the point..),


Vampire Armors,

Vampire Clothes,




Heavy Bandits,

Steel (I was lazy with the name but plates all go there),





Sleep (replaces the sleep outfit, which is originally composed by.. usual clothes, mostly. ), 

Noble (this one replaces BOTH yarl clothes and fine clothes).

There is also a list for accessory, divided in head, neck and hand, and this one will show up together with the Noble one mostly. Then a “cover” list, showing up with farm, intended to contain scarves and the like so poor people will stop freezing :).

There are 2 lists for underwear: Rich and Poor. DO NOT use them for now because I still haven’t figure out how to prevent people from equipping their underwear INSTEAD of their clothes at the moment… But I want to, so I didn’t delete them. Just a part of the project in standby for now!

how to use/possible problems:

-Install with your favorite mod manager

– Open it with TeS5Edit and go into the section “file header”: change it from a blank field to “esm”

– Do the same with the armor/cloth mod you want to use

– Open both my mod and the armor in Creation Kit: they should be seen as master files

– If the armor needs to have its pieces together, create a new leveled list for it, place the pieces inside, bar the flag “use all” and name it. Click ok and then open the “aaOutfitList” that suits your needs and add the new list you just created there.

– If your cloth is a single piece (only a robe, only boots..) open the “aaOutfitList” that suits your needs, open the “listnameBootsClothes” that you find inside, open either the boots or the clothes section and place your piece there.

-Save your new mod and activate it in your mod manager

– Remember to remove the esm flag from TeS5Edit!

– Remember to run a Bashed or Smashed patch if you place multiple mods inside the same lists!

– Remember to re-flag both mods as esm before EVERYTIME you open them in Creation Kit!

-Are you seeing invisible bodies?

Open your modded armor addon in Creation Kit and make sure it has a model for both male and female! In case one is missing, apply one from your skyrim data folder as you see fit (or from another mod of your choice). You can do it with your mod open as the active file and save it, so in case you have to re-install the armor you won’t loose your changes.

-I have missing body parts!

Open your modded armor in Creation Kit, in the Armor section look for the specific piece and open it: in the section “addon”, add the addon of the vanilla armor you used as a model replacement for the missing model 

-Someone is naked!

Check if the armor has both a male and female model. If it does and the npc is naked because he is not wearing anything, contact me. I altered every single outfit manually.. and “errare humanum est” ..I haven’t met anyone naked but it doesn’t mean I couldn’t have fucked up both the check in Creation Kit and the tests in game..

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