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Some additions to Fashion Skyrim lists from the creations of Zerofrost:

Evila MasterMind, Contractor and Mavari can be found on assassins, Raven Witch can be found on vampires and Valkyrie armor can be found on female warriors.

[font=Arial]How to use:

-install my tools the required clothing mod and this file with your favorite mod manager


– in an existing save you will need to select the npc and type “resetinventory” to have the changes apply

– you can merge these files but if you need to merge their required armor too be sure to merge them together!

– if you run multiple FashionSkyrims or any other mod that modifies leveled lists be sure to run a bashed or smashed patch!

General rules with my preset lists file:

– If you find anything strange (like a peasant wearing an ebony armor.. whoops. Totally not happened in tests I assure you :p), naked people or people with missing body parts let me know asap and I’ll fix.

– If you have any advice on placing some other items on specific lists let me know!

– If you think some items needs to be re-balanced to stay let me know!

[/font]”I didn’t understand what this does”

Practical example:

My files (combined with the required tool)makes almost every NPC in the game decide what to wear based on a list of things. If you install only the tool (FashionSkyrim-Tool) the effect will be that everyone is wearing vanilla items, but randomized (because they are getting picked from a list).

For example Ysolda normally has the blue variation of the farm clothes, now she could wear any of the 4 variations of farm clothes. This file, and all the other “FashionSkyrim” I will release go and fill those lists with other things: if you install “FashionSkyrim-ApachiiDivineElegance” now Ysolda could wear any of the 4 variations of vanilla farm clothes or a coat or a pant+shirt outfit or 2 dresses from Apachii. If you add another “FashionSkyrim” on top of this, let’s say “FashionSkyrim-SkyrimAttire” Ysolda will now wear either: any of the 4 vanilla farmclothes or a coat or a shirt+pantsoutfit or one of 2 dresses from Apachii or one of the (.. ugh.. 6 I think?) dresses from SkyrimAttire.

If you meet Ysolda for the first time she will decide what to wear and you will see what she chose (no console required). If you have already met her however the game remembers she already “chose” her standard blue farm cloth, and she will keep it unless you “resetinventory” her to make her choose between her new dresses. This doesn’t mean that she will be guarateed to show up on new clothes though: she will browse her list and she may very well decide to end up wearing her standard blue dress again (but if you don’t like what she picks, you can console command her again… ).

Warning:I know the images are not good (to say it lightly), but I need almost 4 minutes from desktop to game on my modded setup. I need to load everytime I want to screenshot a single armor, or I would have to play dice to get the one I am looking for (not to mention if I noticed a glaring issue I would have no idea which mod caused it in a 500ish mods setup… ).I tried to improve the pictures a little from the first mods i released but it is what it is in caves and with vanilla.. plus I’m not good at all at taking screenshots in general, even on the best beautifying setup

So, please, DON’T JUDGE THE QUALITY OF THE ARMOR FROM MY SCREENS. They are only made to show that the NPC is indeed wearing the armor.. to tell if you like the armor itself refer to the original pages, who have screens made to show you the armor/cloth in all its awesomeness!

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