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Some fashion for skyrim’s womens!

Really nice clothes made by ZZJay are now on NPCs!

Everything used except for the Pirate outfits, because I didn’t find a list in which they would fit..

How to use:

-install my FashionSkyrim- Tools, the required clothing mod and this file with your favorite mod manager


– in an existing save you will need to select the npc and type “resetinventory” to have the changes apply

– you can merge these files but if you need to merge their required armor too be sure to merge them together!

– if you run multiple FashionSkyrim presets or any other mod that modifies leveled lists be sure to run a batched or smashed patch!

You can install the files you want seprately, be sure you have the required mod for that specific file!

General rules with my preset lists file:

– If you find anything strange (like a peasant wearing an ebony armor.. whoops. Totally not happened in tests I assure you :p), naked people or people with missing body parts let me know asap and I’ll fix.

– If you have any advice on placing some other items on specific lists let me know!

– If you think some items needs to be re-balanced to stay let me know!

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